Princess Diaries: 27th April 2013

I was just cribbing about my love life, when I felt a special communication come through, instead of opening my diary, I’ve decided to share it right here… as a reminder for myself! We all seek to love and be loved, yet, it is very vital, to REMAIN IN MY LOVE! I have been having doubts and feelings of “why” and I asked in prayer, that my thoughts be cleansed. Cleansing, often means to ACCEPT what you’re THINKING ALREADY and opening the flood gates of GRATITUDE, in search for a BETTER THOUGHT to work from. You begin to realise, then, that it isn’t about the memories of the past, they’re meant to heal… the present and create the future. It is however, scary, when you look at the past and yet, without releasing the past, you are still tied to it in the present and YES, this does have an effect on the future too! Nothing is more powerful that to KNOW that you have HEAVEN to turn to and KNOW more. This is only possible if what you want is to really work it out… instead of WALLOWING in the PAST and BLOCKING a possible ABUNDANT FUTURE. Love between two partners MUST be ACKNOWLEDGED first within YOURSELF, before you ARE CAPABLE OF SHARING IT WITH EACH OTHER!

This sentence so aptly mentioned in John 15: 9

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” John 15:9


Love is a riot of emotions, it is that part of you that is filled with acceptance. This acceptance begins with a deeper understanding and acceptance of who you are. It isn’t about the OTHER PERSON, this experience is about you. Now, if you’re having DOUBTS, then these doubts are on their way to becoming your reality. In a relationship, especially, the ones that are on the threshold of becoming a co-creating relationship, the need is for the energy to meet at the point of co-creation. Remember, in the conscious world, you both have separate influences and influencers and needs and wants and desires. However, when the two of you unite in the physical realm to create, you are first bonded at the spirit level before the physical bond is established and affirmed. It is important therefore to understand, that if the both of you are having thoughts, first or second, it is part of the cleansing of “baggage” from the history of your relationships and experiences, before you can be connected to each other again…

As you grow up, the ideas of WHO YOU WANT TO BE WITH, continue to change in accordance to experiences with other people, this is also a process, the process, evolves as you make new choices. Here you must also remember, that YOU ARE PART OF THE CREATOR in the FLESH and so, every thought you have manifests in form. So, with every new choice you make, your thoughts evolve and so does the qualities and visions about your partner. Once, you have affirmed the ASK, you shall RECEIVE and when you REVISE your choices, you must let go of the OLD to let in the new.

Don’t begin again, with baggage… look at this as a brand new start, feel new feelings, create new memories, fill your lives with a brand new spiritual meaning. Do this for yourself! Remember, you have attracted him back into your energy with a purpose and this purpose is YOUR INTENT. He is but a CATALYST, not the SOURCE of the INTENT and so, everything, that you feel and experience, is either strengthening your receiving or weakening it. The source of all that is happening between the two of you, begins with you.

Your HUMAN experience isn’t allowing you to move away from history into the now, remember, you are the source and this whole relationship is now being built by your intent. I will also share a secret with you, since you are asking for signs and wanting to heal from the past. He never gave up on you, he moved out of the way for you to be happy. In his desire, to seek your happiness first, he tried, to move on, he tried to let go, yet, in his prayers, it was always YOU. We are witness to that, even though, he may have had looked another place and felt another love, his heart always has been waiting, for you to say “yes” most emphatically. For in you he has met the woman he has dreamt to be with and wants really to be the man you want to be with too! He spends more time, in trying to be the man of your dreams, everyday, learning something new about how he feels about you and what you would like. Let not his love for you be filled with your doubts… look at him from the space of BEINGNESS, in which you chose him and he chose you. The only “thoughts” that are keeping you apart, are the ones formed in your physical reality. The one that has to do with PHYSICAL distances, visible marks and experiences.

Release, with faith, to your sub-conscious knowing. In the depth of your being you can feel his “longing to be with you”, just waiting to feel “you longing to be with him”. Follow your KNOW, and let FLOW!

Stay aligned to what you KNOW, what you BELIEVE is ever changing!


Interpretation by Circumstance ;)

It often strikes me as a little annoying… when something is expected of YOU it is a NOW NEED and yet, when something is to be given to YOU people talk of “patience being a virtue”. Much the case of interpretation by circumstance.

The other day a well meaning friend, gave me a “So, YOU know… “ talking to. This was about the mandate of a Christian… and how, we are to take “THE WORD” to the rest of the world. Funny that a lot of people quote Jesus and the Bible, yet when they speak, there is lack of understanding exactly WHY JESUS IS JESUS!! So, You know… when you cannot respect what GOD created, in YOU, with all your contradictions! How then can you accept ALL THAT GOD CREATED without finding a LOOPHOLE… provided by RELIGION and PROPOGATED by the RIGHTEOUS!! We are all created by GOD… and we as Christians know GOD better through Christ… therefore our lives should be a reflective of HIS presence in the way you interact with creation. So, does this mean, if I read the bible and quote it long enough… God will be PLEASED by my ACTIONS OR ACTIONS like GOD would, clearly put me in a deeper relationship with being a child of God!!

A child who has grown up learning not to love themselves, will in fact grow up not knowing how to love others either. It is true, that PITY can strengthen you or KILL your spirit to GROW UP TO BE YOURSELF! A child who has been abandoned by one or both parents, will have feeling pendulums… between the adult they are and the child they’ve missed being. It is critical to know which person is ruling your feelings. No matter how hard you try, it isn’t easy to dismiss YOUR truth without ACCEPTING both the child and the adult, by treating them accordingly. So, hurting adults are really acting out the hurt child… and KNOWING which of the two is controlling your feelings will always give you a better perspective of the circumstance!!

Nothing is more empowering than to make a PERSPECTIVE CHOICE before REACTING by CIRCUMSTANCE!!


Moody Mystiic: YOU V/s YOU

Taking an observer’s view on relationships, my own and those I see around me… was fascinating. How we’ve only explored .01% of what relationships really are and a deeper look at what they could possibly mean…

As I sit here and share… I discovered my own powerful relationship with my body a few days back… a visit to the doctor, raised a question and my angels found ways to communicate to me the deeper WHY of a suddenly HIGH BP and LOW PERFORMANCE at work!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing something, that I’ve avoided for the last 4 years… too much elbow bending Winking smile less than capacity, yet, more than my regular social drinkathons!! My body, so upset with this new excitement, decided to frighten the LIFE out of me. I didn’t realise it, till my sister decided to read up on high BP, Acute hypertension, like my doctor calls it. I see the worry in his face, yet, I choose to ignore it most of the time… to me, wellness, begins in the mind and manifests in the body.

So, in prayer, I decided to ASK the angels WHY!! I realised, that the only way my body communicates is through sickness, often, rendering me too tired or too sick to attend “parties” where it knows I will take a drink or two to mingle and then, quite forget where to stop Winking smile 

When I understood, what was really happening, I knew all I had to do, was make a new choice… and this choice had to come from ME!! It’s angel detox month… and I celebrated the ANGELS DIRECTIVE…

MY RELATIONSHIP with myself, was the first and foremost relationship I will live… and this has to be my primary relationship! I have spent years, maintaining relationship with so many different creations, some are of my own personal choice and yet others are choices that have been made for me by my parents, siblings, peers, seniors, social circle and religious practices.

It is time now, to review my personal choices and re-align myself to ME first. In balancing out this primary relationship, it is easier to understand why we have attracted all the other relationships for anything and everything outside of ourselves is meant to TEACH us something NEW about who we really are and how our choices affect our entire reality!

So, in order to set my FOCUS correct… I have defined for myself and I encourage YOU too to take a closer look at your RELATIONSHIP priority and BEGIN again to LIVE YOUR LIFE!! For, YOU are the REASON why YOU received this LIFE and this BODY and this MOMENT OF TRUTH! God, wants YOU to TURN within and KNOW that every answer lies within YOU.

R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P 1


  • Know your strengths and weakness: the world reads and plays you, when they know you are unaware of yourself. That is when they play GUILT with you… often sending you into a frenzy of pleasing others and constantly wondering what you can do to make someone happy. I can promise you, this is like inception… you please one and there is another one lined up to be pleased and by the time you are done with round ONE… your’re displeased!
  • Make it a point… each day to understand, HOW YOU FEEL!! How you feel will tell you WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO and don’t worry, this is YOUR LIFE, you will in time feel better about being a little firm, if you KNOW yourself well.
  • There will be times when YOU know you’re being lured into another external drama, but if you listen CLOSELY, there is a way out… ONLY YOU KNOW IT!! When you’re listening to the little VOICE in your head instead of LISTENING to the VOICE that is reaching your ears. This little voice in your head, tells you EXACTLY WHERE to LOOK FOR ANSWERS… and ACTUALLY FIND THEM.

R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P 2


  • Your body, reacts to protect you. Sometimes through sickness and other times through pain. Yet, what your body is really trying to do is communicate with you and tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO DO… to fulfill your DESTINY. Sometimes it takes a NEAR DEATH or FEAR OF DEATH experience, to assist you UNDERSTAND what you’re body is trying to say to you. WHY WAIT FOR THAT MOMENT, when you have a plethora of people around the world, who have changed the very course of their lives, the moment they understood that their body was so intelligent, that it was able to communicate without a word!!!
  • Your body, more often than not, reflects some thoughts in your mind… these thoughts are unspoken… yet felt. Like, sometimes you feel that you don’t want to meet a particular person or go to a particular place, you either receive information that it is OFF or you begin to feel sick in the stomach. That is a signal, not of you really being unwell, it is a signal that your thought is so strong, that your body is giving you a SIGNAL why you may not be able to make it. The intelligence of your body also tells you why you must be very careful of your thoughts and emotions… it follows their lead Winking smile 
  • Most importantly your body communicates through the way you FEEL!! ASK it to give you insight… when you want to feel better!!

… more coming sooon!!! I will share it as I experience it!!