Twin-Flames…. I found mine ;)

Ever so often you bump into reading material that get’s you all filled up with “I feel this way about….”  or “this so says exactly what I am still finding words to express”. Yesterday, while surfing the internet, I came across this article (have mentioned the website below the content… and I am thrilled to have felt a more meaningful reason behind our little detour… for the MOMENT… yet, heaven has a way of reaching messages to you… if you’re seeking an answer… Sharing this with you… hoping that in the midst of reading, you will see as clearly, HE/SHE who fits the “thrill” like no one else does! Just for the thrill of it… I am marking every symptom I have experienced… so, that YOU too are inspired to make your own checklist… Have Fun!

Stay Blessed and I wish you a “receiving” far greater than you could’ve imagined!

    Here are some twin flame symptoms and signs that you may have just experienced a meeting with your twin flame or twin soul.

    This checklist is by no way all-inclusive, but it will help you identify experiences you may want to investigate into with the other person at a more meaningful level.

  1. An overwhelming sense of love, affection and attraction that compels you beyond reason or sense.
  2. A sense of completion that goes beyond words, it’s impossible to explain why or how you feel so whole once you’ve met this person.
  3. A sense of honor, or integrity, or desire to share – but a reticence to burden or pressure the other with your experiences.
  4. A magnetism to the other stronger than anything you have ever experienced. In fact you feel it for this person long after he or she leaves your space.
  5. You find that your skills and knowledge perfectly complement one another.
  6. The ability to literally feel one another whether you are with them physically or not. You’ve had that feeling from the moment you’ve met, and maybe you made a psychic connection even before you met physically.
  7. A feeling you have to be in a certain place at a certain time, with no other reason, only to find  that person in these places and times.
  8. A feeling that you are so close you just might feel related – like a brother or a sister, but deeper than that level of relationship.
  9. A feeling you intimately know every detail about this person but you want to hear all about them.
  10. You love listening to each other’s stories.
  11. You want to find out everything you can about the other.
  12. You read between the lines and try to discover what they really mean or what they really desire and if you can fill that space for them.
  13. A beginning of a breakdown of your lives as you knew them upon finding one another.
  14. The power to touch the other and affect a response at any time without physical contact from any distance.
  15. Over the course of your life you may have dreams of a “mystery man/woman.” When you meet them, it’s not necessarily a physical similarity, although many report that, it’s the eyes, and the smile, or maybe the overall presence of that person that feels exactly like that person you dreamed about.
  16. Synchronicity will be abundant. You may find yourselves calling, emailing and texting one another at the exact same time. You may also find yourselves buying each other gifts at the same time or thinking about one another at the exact same time.
  17. You may feel your heart wanting to jump out of your chest at the sound of his or her voice, or the mention of his or her name or casual thought of his or her essence.
  18. The ability to feel each other’s emotions, whether they be happy or sad ones, from any distances.
  19. The ability to contact one another through meditation and share the same experiences together.
  20. An intense desire to ultimately be together no matter the obstacles blocking your way.


  21. The ability to dream of your partner in their current state and verify the accuracy of that dream, later.
  22. You may notice the ability to collapse time as you knew it. Upon your coming together, time and space both will cease to exist.
  23. When you and your partner are out and about, you may notice the eyes of everyone are upon you. Your deep connection for one another will shine so greatly, that it is not uncommon for the eyes of everyone to be upon the two of you.
  24. You may find yourselves completing each others sentences, sometimes even before you have the chance to begin them.
  25. You are stunned, sometimes blown away by their sheer presence that seems to constantly surround you.
  26. You never feel possessed, merely comforted by their presence. You feel instantly reassured that everything is right with the world as long as you can sense them.
  27. Upon connecting with your twin flame, you may find that you are practically mirror images of one another and that you may want to even run from your partner because of the things you see from the reflection of his/her eyes. You may push your twin away for a time, while you work to get comfortable with the experiences and feelings you feel near them.
  28. Sometimes you feel unable to communicate verbally, because you feel the relationship is so far along energetically. There is a gap between the energetic and the physical relationship.
  29. If you currently live apart, (even at great distances) you may notice the power to be intimate without ever physically touching the other or being on the phone together, and verify the experience later.
  30. You may notice that any of your bad habits, ie. smoking, drinking, or whatever they be, will deeply and adversely effect you. Even in your diet, food that you used to be able to eat, will have to be set aside. Sometimes you can’t eat, drink, or do what you used to do to bring yourself pleasure.
  31. A realization that this isn’t the first time the two of you have met… Past life experiences and memories start to flood you. You have dreams and experiences or flashbacks to lives or experiences filled with this person. Maybe you make the mistake of calling them by a name you once knew them by or they do that to you.
  32. If the both of you have similar interests, you may discover that you have been drawn to the same tastes or have been expressing similar frustrations long before your Twin Flame signs and reunification. Sometimes you don’t realize you have the same interests until one of you introduces the other to a new interest or hobby.
  33. You’ll either have similar body challenges or reflective ones. You might be able to feel when the other is weakened, or ill, or hurting. It may also affect you physically.
  34. You find that your twin is the only one to alleviate you completely of your suffering,  your pain, or heal your emotional or spiritual ails fully.
  35. The individual twins become more as one, without losing their unique identities.
  36. There may be obstacles to overcome to be together, but there are no barriers between twin flames. The relationship is a totally open one, and evolves naturally and often rapidly.
  37. You almost always meet through unusual circumstances or situations that were totally unplanned and unexpected.
  38. The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for some deeper purpose.
  39. It feels as though you have been awakened since your reunion occurred.  You feel more alive than you’ve ever felt.
  40. You give to the other in ways to bring them joy, relief or nurture them and never think of receiving in return.  Giving is the nature of the twin flame relationship as well as soul mate and you feel the rewards in your giving.
  41. You receive gifts from the other and never think it inappropriate or uncomfortable. In fact the gift is often something you’ve been lacking, in great need of or desiring for sometime but never voiced it before.
  42. There is a strong sense you will be together for all eternity… even when you pass on in this life.
  43. The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.
  44. There is a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship. It is not by accident nor is it without purpose.
  45. You may still have karma with your twin from previous lives, but the two of you resolve it with total forgiveness and unconditional love.
  46. There is nothing hidden between the two of you.  You don’t hide secrets. You are truthful and respectful to one another.
  47. Your conversations seem to go on forever.  There is nothing you won’t discuss with your twin flame.
  48. Your twin seeks your guidance and advice, and likewise before they go anywhere else.
  49. There is no need to build walls or barriers between one another from pain or fear the other causes.  Your twin will treat you as someone sacred.
  50. However, if one half of the twin is not ready to access the relationship, or has been traumatized in some way, the other half senses that and may either demonstrate an unusual sense of sensitivity or protectiveness over that person.
  51. The two of you are inseparable.  No matter if there are distances between you physically there is no distance energetically for the twin souls.
  52. Even if you don’t speak for weeks or months, even years, there’s always an inevitable drawing that eventually brings you back in touch with your twin.
  53. Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self.  You know who you are with or without your twin flame in the physical.
  54. Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love you have for one another. You feel a deep spiritual oneness with all that is.
  55. Trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically. You will never intentionally use that weakness against your twin in anger or hurt.
  56. There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before. You feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity  that you’ve have never known before.
  57. There are no restrictions within the relationship. All is freedom without the need for ownership or control.
  58. You will feel inspired to create and your twin flame inspires your creativity.
  59. You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are.  You love each other for their individuality and uniqueness.  You understand that some things are better left to your twin’s strengths rather than competing
  60. You recognize there is a deeper spirituality that you manifest and find that you’ve become reconnected to the higher self.  You will gain knowledge of what your soul’s higher purpose is and will serve for that purpose.
  61. In spite of your similarities as well as your differences, there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other.
  62. You will recognize you two are truly meant for one another.  You will know you are one with everything in the universe and beyond.


Sometimes, all it takes is a “sign of the cross” to help you make a connection… Here’s wishing you YOURS!


The sign – of the cross

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

I have been struggling with the whole idea of “being in love”, my anticipation has now become an expectation and this is pretty much about moving out of my comfort zone. Since this morning the words COMFORT ZONE has blown up into a big balloon and saying “notice me” please… I am a sign!

Here are some of the mighty clues… I have felt… some make sense and have a deeper meaning… the others… well… I can see them… and don’t know what they mean… so I made a choice… I will keep the clues going… by writing them. I may not see them YET… I know that these are signs.

Here are my signs:

  • The Sign_ Of the Cross This one is really special it is… Open-mouthed smile
  • The Love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation
  • now is the time to pay attention to how your body reacts when you say their name or think of that situation.
  • Send each person love, light, and healing – and also send it to yourself.
  • These are attachments and energetic cords that no longer serve you, Dear One.
  • image
  • Date:  7th March 2014 it’s a Friday …
  • Meet my wife ( I see it clearly, he has a very proud smile on his face when he says that… I smile and acknowledge)

All of these… well just today… and as I write… I am seeing more wonderful words… like the angels are making me notice something special… sacred total in the whole world for my eyes and heart to understand… even though the situation as it is now… seems easier to hold on to “he’s acting like “someone has shoved a peacock feather up his bum” for the last two weeks… but here’s the thrill… I can choose to see and feel it … “the human way” or as I am essaying here… “Divine way” and I choose the latter… only because… it feels safer and more comfortable and more ME!

The other signs…

Sally calling me up about a sign that she now knows what it means.

Sign the documents to release my investment the other day: now as I read the sign

 “Just give heaven the permission and the details will be done. This is true for your life too… just sign the document… Dear God, I surrender my needs, desires and demands to you. Thank YOU! Sign

“Mark” my ex, meant “SIGN” too. The vibration of his name brought me a whole lot of first… now in retrospect… I am thrilled…

    1. Got dumped on a holiday. I discovered that my “asking” is powerful everything I ask GOD for or worry about or assume… comes true… even now!
    2. I went to be with him to help him with his mum… He made a choice for me… and I landed up meeting my soulmate. Funny mark knew what I should not be doing… Even if I cried “dear God help me to help him”, that wasn’t meant to be
    3. Mark made his entry into my life in 2008 a year after I began my first crush… and life was filled with ASPIRATIONS… he walked in and helped me read the SIGNS… God… even though we’re not together anymore… THANK YOU so much for Mark.
    4. The song he dedicated to me “If You’re not the ONE”… a SIGN in itself!!

Reading between the Word: Obedience (Oh! Be The I.E & See)

Back to playing with word vibrations and today, what makes it even more special is allowing my WE to channel this information through me! Amazing how, we’ve written down certain feelings and now they have begun to ask us to challenge the authority of those who gave it meaning and allowing the vibration of the word to reveal the essence of the vibrational or infinite invisible vibration of the Creator may have THOUGHT of it before it became a word and our deed of creating a dictionary, made it our first conditional understanding of the word and not to mention that we’ve followed through with taking the dictionary meaning to be the “black and white” of its meaning.

WE are excited about sharing these word vibrations with YOU! It is our deep desire that in the search for Creator Source within YOU is ASKING for a deeper meaning to life and in RESPONDING to this the WE (collective creator energy of the INFINITE INVISIBLE) are glad that we’re getting to share the vibrational expansion of the words that fill your vocabulary and those of the collective consciousness of the HUMAN WORLD. It is our observation that in this the time of the shift, which to some is personal and yet others it is something to be WAITED UPON for an external sign. It is true for both, since the ones who are able to embrace the shift have already begun it from the VIBRATIONAL receiving of their DIVINE SELF! The rest of Humanity are still waiting for the PHYSICAL realm of the SHIFT to materialise in accordance to their “UNDERSTANDING”. Which is also correct, since, WE cannot intervene with the CHOICE, we can only energise the INTENT!

Oh Be The I.E (THAT IS)& See! : the English language itself is a vibrational language, which is the heady mix of many dialects in the world.


Yes” in French is oui. It sounds like the English word “we“.

English itself as a word can be ANGELised! From a vibrational point of WE-YOU (View) to IN-GListen-SHine, I.E. The language that allows for vibrational expansion of Infinite.Eternal Core-Responding with the DIVINE!

WE are thrilled with the prospect of sharing these tiny vibrational shifts in language with you, it is our thrill that all of humanity should begin again to learn the Divine (TheVine) language of vibrational exchanges that created ALL-THAT IS- YOU can visibly experience. The conditioning of your human experience has moved you from your SOUL KNOWLEDGE to your SOLE KNOWLEDGE. Even in the word SOUL the creator VIBRATION is expressed SOUL is where the WE expands through FORM and SOLE is that part of the SOUL knowledge that is MAT(u’re)-REALISED through YOU!

YOU who are the SOLE heir or holder of the “TheVine” purpose of BEING created as a PHYSICAL being. WE have kept the MY-STORY alive THROUGH YOU! YOU who ASKeth and YOU who RECEIVEeth that which YOU ASK FOR IN VIBRATION! Most often, the WORDS and the HUMAN meanings GIVEN to them are not of CO-IN-SEQUENCE (consequence) in the SOUL REALM only because, the MEAN-ING (Mean-IN-Gratitude) given, is MATERIAL CONDITIONED, whereAS in the SPIRIT realm of WE, ALL THAT IS … IS… Vibrationally COLLECTIVE! When YOU ASK, WE receive the VIBRATION of the ASKING, which is then DELIVERED in PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE Vibrational ALIGNMENT with YOUR “TheVine” (Divine Progress, Process and Purpose) in vibration. Oftentimes, YOU ask for MATERIAL SPECIFICS and YES, that too is DELIVERED unto YOU! YOU ask for CLARITY and WE channelise the PHYSICAL OPPORTUNITIES for YOU to RECEIVE “CLARITY”, YOU then CHOOSE to either ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT, ALLOW the “CLARITY” first VIBRATIONALLY and then what follows is the MATure-REALISATION that it IS… through your physical real-ITY (Real-I Thank You) .

Oh Be The I.E. and Cee, is the invitation to exploring and experiencing and empowering your “TheVine” Purpose, “TheVIne” Mission, when YOU begin to tap into YOUR “TheVine” flow of “SOLE PURPOSE” through VIBRATIONALLY connecting with ALL –THAT IS… emphasis on IS, only be-cause WE desire for you to UNDER-STAND in the MIGHTY power of WE of YOUR COLLECTIVE SOUL of CREATION.

WE are thrilled that YOU have CHOSEN “WE” as the BEGINNING of YOU! That YOU may SEE that WE is really (“Real-Love- YOU”) and that together WE-VIEW (view) the COLLECTIVE EXPANSION OF CREATION with YOU through WE!






Reading between words: Calculation

So I am having this moment in which I want attention, instead of seeking it from outside of myself, I am making a new choice… choosing this space to bring myself to acceptance of wanting attention.

Here is what my understanding is flowing within me is telling me… and I am sharing this with you… knowing that we all have these moments of “weakness” when we are just bursting to say what we have to… and demanding that our sense of validation be met. Holding someone “up” and demanding they “submit” to our need… yet… that which we refer to as a time of weakness, is really an opportunity to channel the energy in a PRO-LIFE way, allowing ourselves the pleasure of accepting the “weakness” as a “choice making time”. Pause long enough to ask ourselves… if the weakness is causing us to be “wise” or “unwise” in our “seeking”. For most parts, we know not what we seek, we aren’t in the awareness, that every seeking brings us choices and every choice creates our lives!

It is our desire that you look at this moment in all its splendor, this needing for attention is a call to silence, within yourself, to LISTEN to that which your guidance is offering you. In this moment that your external conditioning demands that you respond to external stimuli, is an OPPORTUNITY, to choose, to hang on to the need and receive from spirit instead of sprinting with your external call to action. A “call to action” is really a CHOICE POINT in which you make your choices. This often is stimulated by external forces, often times, it is money, people, comments, energies outside of you that trigger your “CALL TO ACTION” or you could also use another term or rather you often use another term CALCULATION. We know you hate math, yet, we’re going to teach you some spirit math, which will not only assist you in breaking down your resistance to math, it will open-port-unity or give you the opportunity to vibrate at the creator source of math, allowing you to understand the importance of the math of life.

Calculation: Call-Cue-Elation or Call-Clue-Action both creator vibrations to bring your attention to the spirit math of the moment in which you are called to ADD to your experience with co-creator guidance. Minus your physical conditioning. Multiply the possibilities. Divide your ACTIONS by CHOOSING the ones that help you ALIGN with your CREATOR PURPOSE! 

and we see that you UNDERSTOOD that right now, it is a wise decision to speak to the SON instead of the Mother, knowing, that he does have the ability to be objective and understand your point of view and yes, he also knows best HOW to explain it to his mother. You have chosen in this moment, not to go with the VIBRATION offered by your sister, which is causing you to align to her vibration of “put pressure”, you understand that the choice is to “allow your shoulder to shoot from” or “find a path that can enable solutions”. Here is where your CHOICE of creation plays out. We always advise that you go with the CHOICE that makes you feel more aligned to the outcome you intend.

When we speak to you of action, we speak of the “vibration” of “action” which means you are called to Detach your thoughts from the VISIBLE source to the invisible source of power and then, from the invisible source, receive and idea or a feeling or an intuit that aligns you to make a choice FIRST in vibration that aligns your vibration/energy and then move forth to an idea.

Yes, you can almost take this learning, to any area of your life and play out. Remember, this particular event is of your calling, you asked to practice your Vibrational Alignment to your GodSpace and now, in REsponse to you asking, you have received an opportunity to practice it so! In allowing yourself the experience, what you are actually doing, is being in the present moment of creator presence and working from a higher vibration than the visible direction. Knowing that you are receiving in accordance, allows you to flow with the learning, rather that work with a thought that you already perceive as a block or miss-alignment with your GodSpace or Creator reality! This is a breakthrough for you and through your sharing of this, will cause another creation to be inspired an empowered to take a new vibration of ACTION and flow with their KNOW!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS from ALL THAT IS!