princess Diaries 16.08.14

We watched you drown and we watched you smile… knowing YOU would LIVE to tell the story!… that Princess is FAITH!

Now is eternal when you are connected with the SOUL YOU! YOU begin to see a different aspect of creation and how it works WITH YOU to bring YOU a step closer to YOU!

Over the last few months we’ve watched you HOPE for a SIGN… and the thrill of the wait is watching YOU receive THEM with CHILDLIKE Awe! The tears of Gratitude so precious to each one of us… here in heaven supporting YOU to achieve the ETERNAL PLAN you chose before you be-came in the flesh. We SEE you with every breath turning UP and showing UP and looking UP for guidance! Amazing, each time a child of GOD looks up and says…. “I need YOU”! We each of the energies of the eternal battle out of joy to support YOU!

Open your HEART to the eternal Faith Love and Wisdom of WHO YOU ARE and ALLOW us to continue to GUIDE YOU!

Hope… is the fact that you’re not scared anymore… allowing yourself to LET US SPEAK and you type with that smile in your eyes as you continue to receive these words of comfort. The JOY in your heart eternally is for the wonderful people who will read this and find their connection with the Eternal YOU, YOU so easily now are able to receive!

Love is the feeling in your heart that says “this is true for every being created and so I hope that this reaches many and as many read many will feel ONE with the Eternal YOU”

Learning to live and channel the vibrational YOU is welcoming the SPIRIT of GOD in your life and making a LIVE example for the YOU and others. YOU now eternally find ways to feel happy, joy, peace, love, faith, wisdom… YOU believe in YOU and the power of YOU in the totality of every being.

You meet your twin flame… accept the choices he has made… and return to make your own SOUL MATE connect come true… maybe we have another surprise for you our dear Princess… maybe… allow it to unfold!

Much Eternal Faith Love and Wisdom to YOU and through YOU! #ME


Fairy Tales

YOU think these are fiction… they are the SOUL journey’s from a time when the Human mind was so connected to the Divine, that anything they thought of, focused upon had the power to BE-come their Human Reality!

oh yes! with power to create comes responsibility to create with an Eternal thought, most of the times, YOU tend to think short term. When we say Short Term we mean “While I am alive to see the results”… and that in Human so human, we are curious to SEE our outcomes and experience them!

Fairy Tales is the stories of souls and their experiences … written for YOU to remember too!

Gratitude is… A memory Game ;)

Think … if you were in a challenge with the ANGELS, you’d learn that Gratitude is a memory game… they remember all “things” that they are grateful for in you, which is why it is easier for them to “lift” you up when you’re down!

If you “choose” to feel better… all you need to do is “remember” the times in which you felt “grateful” for someone, something and like magic all the sad thoughts take flight.

So, if you can FILL your THOUGHTS with moments you “felt” Gratitude! Your memory will recall moments that you can continue to be Grateful for Winking smile

Like I am Grateful for you!

Gratitude is ABUNDANCE

Such a simple truth!! Yet, we most often don’t tune to its depth really. Think about it… For ALL that I can THANK for or all that I do THANK for I am “receiving”! For I thank for what I do NOTICE, HAVE or ALREADY FEEL is mine to hold.

YOU be-come a catalyst of #Abundance when you go deeper into “thoughts”, “feelings” and “discoveries” with Gratitude! As you go deeper into the spirit of Gratitude, you begin to REAP rich harvests of GRATITUDE itself!

Maybe, the parable of “the sower” is indicative of JUST THIS! Gratitude is abundance… the sons tilled the soil with Gratitude!