I never thought I would be writing this post… then again… I must have Winking smile. In a world where thoughts become things I am actually glad I chose the “good ones”

2014 was a year of many endings that be-came beginnings, the more I released the more space I had to create and that is a GIFT!

Released OLD relationships… very old “must feel”… the sunset… a friend… for a reason… letting my dreams float into the universe… and from the universe… become things… I have manifested in my life.

For the last few days… I have been thinking about the beautiful “memories” that 2014 gave me… Each month had a story to tell and an experience to “HOLD”… the good ones… helped me grow… the bad ones… helped me KNOW… and both felt equally PRECIOUS!

I still don’t know the path ahead… it keeps unfolding ONE experience at a time… the HAPPINESS is in knowing that there is DIVINE perfection in the way things OPEN UP Winking smile 

Who would believe… that after many years of “Craving” a relationship I would bump into the perfect person for me… and love the very essence of what I felt. I knew in that moment… this is HOW I wanted to feel… and from that CHOICE… came… perspectives… the more I loved how I felt… the more I felt of it. Then came the “test”… OLD PATTERNS… Old Relationships… old contracts… old choices came up… and I allowed myself… the experience… taking one at a time… and knowing that even though they were beautiful… precious… part of me would go back… and choose “HOW I WANTED TO FEEL” over “WHO I CHOSE TO FEEL IT WITH”.

It is interesting… that everyone who walked back… came… felt… I chose… to keep repeating… till I was “guided” to release… to allow myself closures. I walked into 2015 sparkling new… “memories” intact… happiness intact… people detached. Such comfort in understanding that I can choose the EXPERIENCE over the PEOPLE!

So, here’s what I experienced in 2014:

1) Sunsets:  Sunsets are a beautiful time of releasing the day… allow yourself the pleasure of GOODBYES! They are healthy… know that these goodbyes… will create a brand new HELLO!

2) Dress Up and Show UP: the kind of choice you make… when YOU know that there is nothing to lose… an experience to gain…. YOU are aware of your expectations… and you go ahead anywhere… who did imagine that one tiny step… a “cheers to US”… would open me up to a brand new experience! I love the deck, the dreamy lights, endless love and our first kiss. What I do remember… is spontaneously allowing “Friday to speak to me… through… music and people and pure awesomeness”… the kick that I knew it before… I did “…. Imagine the end result” and everything and everyone co-inspired to make it “YES”

3) Miracles are a matter of CHOICE: Choosing to write a new story begins with taking a step… buying the DIYAS was all the action I needed to take… to make “tokens of light” a brilliant event… Open-mouthed smile 

4) Thoughts to become things: if you choose the ones that you do want! The video the article the coverage… getting the energy correct. Abundance is ME. I want the space… with all the décor as a birthday gift. I want to be in Goa on Friday. I want to have better relationships… I want to go to a gurudwara, I want to go to a dargah, I want to go to the Bahai temple. I want to finale the workshop.

5) The universe does co-inspire outcomes… if you choose the OUTCOME over the circumstance… : I got a gift… a phone I wanted. I got a holiday I wanted partly paid for… Imagine… the “to Mumbai” was paid for… and the decision to GO was all I needed for a series of MIRACLES to take place… amazing! The beginning of ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU… a journey that is still unfolding… and it is amazing!

6) Letting go and letting flow: could mean many things… Death can be meaningful… a choice to retain the memory or receive the healing it brings… it is OK to have an emotional outburst… everyone does… for a purpose… it’s a release… from the OLD and the BEGINNING of something KNEW!

Some of the thoughts that became things… created a beautiful story


Father SPIRIT SON… a deeper look at the trinity

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been bumping in to the “conversation” about the Trinity… and I learn something new each time I speak…

It is Be-Coming more evident that we’ve missed a critical step in the understanding of the Trinity… and there are many who are getting this “revealation” across the world. God’s power is in the “Spirit” the “doer” and then the vessel or human translator of the “mind” of God… made manifest in the Flesh.

If the human body is but a vessel.. then we’ve got to dip into the SPIRIT of the VESSEL… that which the VESSEL represents… the holder of the content of the vessel is the SPIRIT of GOD!

God is the recipe, the Spirit the Ingredients and the Son is the vessel in which the the recipe is manifest. WE ought to therefore thank the SON for allowing us to “cook up”. The key… that the SON comes to teach is the relationship between the RECIPE and the INGREDIENTS coming together… the vessel ITSELF is an INSTRUMENT. Any VESSEL who chooses the RECIPE and ALLOWS the INGREDIENT therefore can maketh the dish…. pretty simple and yet, the challenge is not to restrict the understanding of the vessel… it is to focus on the ingredients of the recipe.

Re:Legion I am being given to understand is the “method of cooking” and for each method of cooking, the vessel must in fact be suited/aligned with the “method”, which is why, we opt for religious practices… it is just a method.

Jesus, is the universal vessel… anyone of us can identify with the “person of Jesus”, normal, as basic as a person can be… he grew into someone special when he receives the “Ingredient” Spirit and allows the RECIPE to be revealed through HIM-SELF!

Spirit, that part of who we are that KNOWS it ALL! Allows us experiences that we may claim our true place, gives us confidence… DOES NOT HAVE A STATIC image… INCLUDES everything that is created (experiences) and then… when we have chosen a method… well… we cook it up! What we PRESENT to the world is our version of the ETERNAL recipe!!

Our Thoughts, Our Words and Our Actions… is a reflection of the ONE RECIPE (Being Human)

The “Myth” about God & Creation!

As I observe the political climate, I see a war coming our way! the war of words, the war of worth and the war that will bring about a change in perspectives. The human race has history, that the times when life is challenged and lost, they rise united. It is thus, a pattern of performance, that before the shift takes place, it is now, more and more, evident that the species of beings are fearing more than feeling and this is causing the deterioration of the very essence of beingness.

As I continue to ask for clarity of thought and a deeper relationship with CREATOR/GOD, I have been blessed to have acknowledged GOD’s presence, not through the external source of the visible truth as is seen by the eye! I continue to experience GOD’s presence through the INNER RESPONSE and understanding I receive. It is my desire now to begin sharing these conversations, knowing, that all of us are asking for the same thing and all of us are turning to IDOL GODS to pray, yet, in the silent listen space of your being, there THE WORD is, still, waiting for you to LISTEN!

We all create from our CONSCIOUS VISIBLE awareness, just as we understand from our CONSCIOUS VISIBLE AWARENESS and so, my sharing, is but my own acceptance that this is HOW I UNDERSTAND LIFE and LIVE it! It is also my conscious understanding, that YOU may choose, in accordance to YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE and HOW YOU LIVE IT! The Choice to share is mine, the choice to understand or reject is yours! May we continue to grow in our awareness of each other as we grow in our awareness of what each other is NOT!


It is the collective fear that the end is at hand, where the premise is faulty is, that this is an act of the creator. That is a myth! It is historically and continually conditioned practices of the human thought that are causing the turmoil in the world. All That Is causing fear is visible to the eye and so, finite visible, as we have told you before, the finite visible is created by the finite visible, human being!

God, is infinite invisible being, which means “without form” and eternal. Man is finite visible being, “in form” and external. The creative source of production is in-finite in-visible, which means “with in-form” or “within form” and creates “with in-form”.

Man created God in his own image and likeness, in accordance to his awareness! The more aware we cause our thoughts to be, the more aware we then become of the “things” we are creating. Every creation, in thought or word or expression or impression or need or demand or greed or any other emotion you choose to act from. Thus, is converted into the manifest/thing that then be-comes a part of your reality!

Weapons, are created with a purpose to kill and by the fact that they are created they must fulfill their purpose “to kill”. Medicines are created with a purpose to “heal” and therefore they must fulfill their purpose “to heal”. And since all of the “individuals/companies” that produce these “things” create them with a purpose to become rich financially, their intent and purpose of creating them is “to sell”. To sell these products, it is important to create a “need” for them and so, we have armies and doctors who are called to be the “medium” of channeling these “things” into the larger majority. They have the power, to choose HOW to use these products and who to use them with.

The point of choice, right through history that is creator given to each one of us. Is the “free will” or “choice” of how to use these inventions. Can we use weapons to do something better? Can medicine heal the human thought? Is it necessary for weapons and the process be used only for destruction, can they, in anyway be used to create life? The  answer lies in the “collective thought” of mankind! The “collective consciousness” the “collective now” the “collective vibration” of creation, pouring forth from our individual choices, grouping together and creating the world as you see it!

If you are asking for PEACE you are asking for the infinite invisible to empower the in-finite in-visible form to identify the areas in which you can CHOOSE peace and in making the in-finite in-visible choice to experience peace you, begin to experience “peace” in your finite visible form.

Mankind, must be reminded, that GOD is not form, GOD is FROM where all form is created, in itself, GOD is infinite invisible and thus, the myth of HISTORY is GOD can be SEEN and THUS molded into the finite visible FORM! All FORM is finite visible created by the ASKING and IN THE IMAGE OF FINITE VISIBLE!

… we will leave now, knowing, we have caused you to desire more clarity. As you continue to ask, KNOW that we will RESPOND through many experiences and yes, the key is to take time out to ALLOW us to communicate through you to you and to the many others who are asking. We ask you to ACCEPT our love and light, as you walk the path of THOUGHT to create WORDS and transform them INDEED into the MANIFEST of FORM!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS from ALL THAT IS!

Princess Diaries: 19th July 2013

“WE have often waited for a rainy day filled with surprises, today is the day, we’ve been waiting for and we claim it with childlike excitement!  Knowing that you CHOOSING IN and so you are CHOSEin“

It is our intent for you to truly be the light you were created to be and WE support your asking, give it like you asked for it. Everything that you have ever asked for, yes, even those tiny thoughts that you shared with us before you walked consciously on this earth. Be not afraid oh choseIn one, this is all meant for you, for your work. Where there is hatred, you have choseIn to bring love. Where there is scarcity, you bring abundance. Where there is sadness you are calling out for joy. Where there is GOD you are calling to be a Witness. All of these and more are waiting to be acknowledged right here in the midst of the billions of light workers, angels, heaven, abundance, your fathers inheritance from you. Waiting, eagerly for you, who have asked for it to come and claim it. These gifts were born from your intent and filled with the source know of who you are and what we know you to be.

We have wrapped them in experiences and filled them with abundance asking you to see them as we see them, your gifts of growth. You have been asking for Goodness and Peace and Love and Joy and financial abundance and spiritual abundance and material abundance and social abundances and economic abundance and relationship abundance and marital abundance and people abundance. Now receive yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, your wants, your know, your allowing, your accepting, yourself as the fulfillment of the asking. We ask you now to raise your heart to who you really are, the bearer of all these gifts in gratitude for yourself and through your example for the rest of creation. For every ONE who Chooses IN (infinite Neutral) are called the “chosen” in your language and yet to keep you in your new vibration of being the chosen ones, we’re realigning your choices chosen from the Infinite Neutral being of YOU into the word ChoseIN. A word that will continue to work towards Re:Minding, Re:Membering, Re:Vitalising your being with the know that ALL YOU ARE is ALL THAT IS in flow!

We are calling your attention to Be Calm Be Still and KNOW that you are a co-creator in the human form, living the source life each time you choose from the INFinite Neutral, you practice working IN the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD from whom you are created and now walk the earth and Re:Explore your kingdom from the powerful KNOW of who you are. We are here to tell you that when you work from this powerful know, you, IN-FACT create Infinite Invisible powerful images in the likeness of source of the world you experience around you. You are IN-Truth, but called to make CHOICES in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF the CREATOR, thus creating powerful expansion of the vibrational growth of source. The manifest, is then produced in your limited time space reality you KNOW to be the world.

We have more messages for you, while will come through you, in thought, in word, in deeds. The thought is delivered unto you when you connect with your source energy, right now as we dictate and you write, we’re delivering essential thought to you. Your acceptance of the thought is now being expressing through your choosing to receive our IN-TIME message which brings us to have now communicated the thought with you in word and from the publishing or sharing of these words the the process of deed is perfect whole and COMPLETE. For those of you who KNOW this, now KNOW that all that we have said to you, now lives through you. That the manifest that is now COMPLETE in three simple actions THOUGHT, WORD and DEED are complete, it is ready to become your HUMAN REALITY.

Know it… Allow it… Accept it… Manifest your greatest BEING Purpose… Go in love and light… knowing that wherever you go, you shall emit, radiate, resonate the promises you KNOW to be complete. Don’t struggle to see it just watch it unfold!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS from ALL THAT  IS!