Love is…

I don’t know know #Why and maybe it is wise not to choose… and in not choosing is a choice within itself. There is a deeper clarity revealed… where all possible perspectives present themselves to be observed in the middle… of what seems like a CIRCUMSTANTIAL muddle of emotions… inspired by MAN and reacted to by man itself.

7th February for #ME was a day of observation and responding from the observation… understanding that detachment isn’t PHYSICAL it is PSYCHOLOGICAL!

That there is DIVINE PERFECTION in allowing SILENCE to breathe forth into my actions and reactions. That, when my hands are pre-occupied… my heart is “feeling” and “healing” itself… how powerful.

That a child should be born this day… chosen by Gratitude for #me to experience a spiritual love. That even though I may not be a part of the physical process … the eternal intuit says… “this child is an expansion and extension of #ME” in ways the mother may never understand or the father KNOW YET… this child is ME! That each shower of affection and attention is ME… that I wished to be HIS LIGHT… I have taken form in another body… the love HE showers on her… will be received by ME through the eternal flow of LOVE, LIGHT, ABUNDANCE and GRATITUDE! Like He knows ME not… He knows not YET that the expansion of ME is this little child. That all the love and attention I called upon from him for me… is now complete through this child.

There is a part of #ME now expanded… through silence… every word comes to pass.. in this physical world… there shall be a point of clarity… when every thought I have thought… will find a way… will manifest and now and always… I will #Thank the GOD who created ME for the AweSoMe presence in every thought and every thought forward

Love is many things… many thoughts… many choices … Love is #ME





I never thought I would be writing this post… then again… I must have Winking smile. In a world where thoughts become things I am actually glad I chose the “good ones”

2014 was a year of many endings that be-came beginnings, the more I released the more space I had to create and that is a GIFT!

Released OLD relationships… very old “must feel”… the sunset… a friend… for a reason… letting my dreams float into the universe… and from the universe… become things… I have manifested in my life.

For the last few days… I have been thinking about the beautiful “memories” that 2014 gave me… Each month had a story to tell and an experience to “HOLD”… the good ones… helped me grow… the bad ones… helped me KNOW… and both felt equally PRECIOUS!

I still don’t know the path ahead… it keeps unfolding ONE experience at a time… the HAPPINESS is in knowing that there is DIVINE perfection in the way things OPEN UP Winking smile 

Who would believe… that after many years of “Craving” a relationship I would bump into the perfect person for me… and love the very essence of what I felt. I knew in that moment… this is HOW I wanted to feel… and from that CHOICE… came… perspectives… the more I loved how I felt… the more I felt of it. Then came the “test”… OLD PATTERNS… Old Relationships… old contracts… old choices came up… and I allowed myself… the experience… taking one at a time… and knowing that even though they were beautiful… precious… part of me would go back… and choose “HOW I WANTED TO FEEL” over “WHO I CHOSE TO FEEL IT WITH”.

It is interesting… that everyone who walked back… came… felt… I chose… to keep repeating… till I was “guided” to release… to allow myself closures. I walked into 2015 sparkling new… “memories” intact… happiness intact… people detached. Such comfort in understanding that I can choose the EXPERIENCE over the PEOPLE!

So, here’s what I experienced in 2014:

1) Sunsets:  Sunsets are a beautiful time of releasing the day… allow yourself the pleasure of GOODBYES! They are healthy… know that these goodbyes… will create a brand new HELLO!

2) Dress Up and Show UP: the kind of choice you make… when YOU know that there is nothing to lose… an experience to gain…. YOU are aware of your expectations… and you go ahead anywhere… who did imagine that one tiny step… a “cheers to US”… would open me up to a brand new experience! I love the deck, the dreamy lights, endless love and our first kiss. What I do remember… is spontaneously allowing “Friday to speak to me… through… music and people and pure awesomeness”… the kick that I knew it before… I did “…. Imagine the end result” and everything and everyone co-inspired to make it “YES”

3) Miracles are a matter of CHOICE: Choosing to write a new story begins with taking a step… buying the DIYAS was all the action I needed to take… to make “tokens of light” a brilliant event… Open-mouthed smile 

4) Thoughts to become things: if you choose the ones that you do want! The video the article the coverage… getting the energy correct. Abundance is ME. I want the space… with all the décor as a birthday gift. I want to be in Goa on Friday. I want to have better relationships… I want to go to a gurudwara, I want to go to a dargah, I want to go to the Bahai temple. I want to finale the workshop.

5) The universe does co-inspire outcomes… if you choose the OUTCOME over the circumstance… : I got a gift… a phone I wanted. I got a holiday I wanted partly paid for… Imagine… the “to Mumbai” was paid for… and the decision to GO was all I needed for a series of MIRACLES to take place… amazing! The beginning of ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU… a journey that is still unfolding… and it is amazing!

6) Letting go and letting flow: could mean many things… Death can be meaningful… a choice to retain the memory or receive the healing it brings… it is OK to have an emotional outburst… everyone does… for a purpose… it’s a release… from the OLD and the BEGINNING of something KNEW!

Some of the thoughts that became things… created a beautiful story



Thank YOU! The most powerful words you’ll ever speak! Saying “thank you” is acknowledging the presence of “the ALL” for your-self and for the growth of the SELF you are in communication with.

Thank you fills your own heart with belonging to a greater mystery and mastery and causes the thing or person you are communicating with the same vibrational push!

Say THANK YOU often enough to feel it!

I asked and they did! #Angels

Every day I am bumping into angels and this is so much fun. I don’t see them… unless of course I meet someone who I call “an angel”. I feel their presence, whispering in my ears, drawing my attention to certain people or ideas. To be honest, I don’t know what I would have done without them all my life.

For most part of my growing years, they assisted me through prayer and they still do, as I keep asking God for ways to know him better, I learnt I was meeting more divine conversations and a whole load of little information that was continually assisting me from one step to the other… often… the space between one step and the other are filled with new questions and yet, the excitement is that there is ENERGY holding me together while I mentally take a step… like magic people, presence, information flow to me and through me. This process, I would like to call LEARNING to TEACHING and TEACHING to LEARNING. What a beautiful process a paradox for life. Often in the moment of “Corresponding” on a particular subject, I have found the presence of the Divine Assistance much stronger and more assertive.

Recently, a lot of what I once BELIEVED beyond DOUBT… are my areas of “change” and the tough part as a human being is to LET GO… makes ONE feel “fragile” in the same breath though… when you see these doubts from a Divine Perspective they are irrelevant in accordance to our eternalness and the choice to move on is EMpowered… where EM is the Eternal Manifest of ME the Manifest Energy in the human form.

Asking the angels to continually work for me  is like living life at a whole new level of power… the power of the infinite wisdom of the ALL that created ALL THAT IS… now CREATING through ME. The shift is ONE RECEIVING at a time… I ask and they respond… I respond and they ASK… the cycle of Re:Turn to Gratitude!