Love is…

I don’t know know #Why and maybe it is wise not to choose… and in not choosing is a choice within itself. There is a deeper clarity revealed… where all possible perspectives present themselves to be observed in the middle… of what seems like a CIRCUMSTANTIAL muddle of emotions… inspired by MAN and reacted to by man itself.

7th February for #ME was a day of observation and responding from the observation… understanding that detachment isn’t PHYSICAL it is PSYCHOLOGICAL!

That there is DIVINE PERFECTION in allowing SILENCE to breathe forth into my actions and reactions. That, when my hands are pre-occupied… my heart is “feeling” and “healing” itself… how powerful.

That a child should be born this day… chosen by Gratitude for #me to experience a spiritual love. That even though I may not be a part of the physical process … the eternal intuit says… “this child is an expansion and extension of #ME” in ways the mother may never understand or the father KNOW YET… this child is ME! That each shower of affection and attention is ME… that I wished to be HIS LIGHT… I have taken form in another body… the love HE showers on her… will be received by ME through the eternal flow of LOVE, LIGHT, ABUNDANCE and GRATITUDE! Like He knows ME not… He knows not YET that the expansion of ME is this little child. That all the love and attention I called upon from him for me… is now complete through this child.

There is a part of #ME now expanded… through silence… every word comes to pass.. in this physical world… there shall be a point of clarity… when every thought I have thought… will find a way… will manifest and now and always… I will #Thank the GOD who created ME for the AweSoMe presence in every thought and every thought forward

Love is many things… many thoughts… many choices … Love is #ME




God, she knew!

My dream is to Coach unlimited people across India to practically invest 25% of their “thoughts” in Gratitude.

Over the past 38 years of being here… I have learned personally, through many portholes of trial and error, that there is a method to the madness that we experience and the choice of how to play out the experience is a gift we can choose to receive or GIVE and what we do choose becomes our path!

The story of the SELF as experienced through the powerful vibration of Gratitude… or what I now Understand is the OBSERVER story… is more powerful than the story we can every write about ourselves… personally… because we see ourselves as a product of being HUMAN… Creation sees us as an evolved version of itself… and that is beautiful!

Here’s the story as I was told about ME… and I FELT for the first time…

“She was born of two very powerful creators, each of who KNEW their role and did the things they were supposed to do… for her to grow into the person she was meant to be”

She didn’t understand the powerful creator she was, she felt like a puppet with strings attached… till one fine day… she needed those strings no more… she knew she was ready… she cut the cords of dependence… she sat in a corner… the story she told herself… “This is it! Its now time to be #ME”

She evolved… without strings… she first chose the HAND of MAN… She allowed herself to evolve with the experiences… choosing one mentor after the other… she allowed herself to experience the life of her dreams… this wasn’t enough… she knew for as long as she chose the HAND OF MAN … she was growing into what each experience meant her to be… she played the roles that were given to her… she felt “all-powerful” felt all achieved… but she was not happy… the way she knew deep within her ME that happiness FELT like… and she chose… a NEW HAND… She chose the HAND OF GOD!

God, she knew… knew her by name… God, she knew created her with a greater purpose. God, she knew was her defender protector and path. God, she knew filled her with happiness, joy and a beautiful story of taking the experience and creating forth from it! God, she knew, had her covered… she just needed to say YES!

…. and SHE DID!

…A new Beginning…

I spent all day, wondering what the next steps were… I kept releasing the past… letting go, remembering people and releasing by intent the pain… I once felt and now identify with…

1856 hrs in the evening, I need to get out and celebrate again… sometimes the most potent gift to your-SeLf is to give up moaning the pain… letting go is a gift of thought and to celebrate … TRUST… and your new understanding of the Metaphor Steps!

The Metaphor Steps :

  1. Say “yes” to exploring
  2. Dress Up … God is throwing you a party and you’re the chief Guest.
  3. Even if your second guessing… just keep second guessing but GO OUT!
  4. It does not matter if you are alone… your only job is really to show up… and toast (acknowledge… that in the middle of a lonely feeling… God has a surprise planned)
  5. Say Cheers! “This is to New Beginnings”… choose your drink wisely… this is about YOU.
  6. Keep your heart open and talking to GOD… please don’t be talking loudly… you can do this in your HEAD
  7. Listen up for people calling out your name… there is someone who GOD will put in charge of you to make you feel special… Salvation of the cross to ME!
  8. TRUST… that you are provided for, GOD places people to surround you and usually they will be the ones who upset you at first sight… you may think they are obstructing you space… only later you will realise… God put them there to take care of you… Appreciate and thank for the new people you meet.
  9. Say Cheers!! You know you’re onto something… pick up more clues… who are you being spoken about or who is most speaking about you… notice, there are messengers of the Divine all around you… assisting you… helping you notice the special “thrills” God placed for you.
  10. “Stuck on You” you’ll get your moment if you choose to dance with Salvation… oh I have a rain check… God with Us owes me this song… and yes… it will be a pretty romantic move… I can feel it… already
  11. Then you choose to “sing” and “dance”… “Emmanuel” singing… is a sign “God with Us”
  12. Endless Love… Hear, Sing, Dance… a clue… of God’s endless love that surrounds you

Then in the middle of all of the excitement… the party… the new… YOU meet your MIRACLE… that one moment when he looks into your eyes… asks you to dance… and all you can do is SMILE and Say “Thank You GOD!”

When he asked me to dance… now that was a surprise… felt like a beautiful movie playing out for real… it felt so wonderful! “Stay with me”… sounded silly to my ears… and I looked at him amused… I choose to smile and pretend I didn’t hear him… so he repeated himself. Nothing… could have been closer to my thoughts when he said “Trust Me”… I made a choice… If everything was about God’s plan for me… so must HE be! I choose to trust him…

I give my hand in his and we begin the first dance of the rest of our lives… “Endless Love”… just like to romance in the old english movies… he holds me close, looks into my eyes and sings each word to me… the disco ball dimly lights up the deck… the waves turn louder… I know this is NEW… what I always wanted… the feeling the romance the warmth… I met the NEW when I met YOU and I discovered ME!

Moody Mystiic: GodSpace Vs TimeSpace Balance

We are glad that you’re asking for more CLARITY about the Material and Spiritual balance, we’d like to redefine the space, to assist you in understanding the difference, we’re going to begin to call your Material World as your TimeSpace and your spiritual balance as your GodSpace.

TimeSpace since this reality is a balance between restricted time and a restricted space you know as life. In which you are called to co-create, since it is also a determined TimeSpace. You are restricted in this space to 24hrs and within those 24hrs you are called to be all you can be and that can be very racy! In this space, you compete for resources and space and a place in collective consciousness.

GodSpace, well, this is where you are from, your source, where ALL THAT IS begins. This space is eternal, timeless and yes, ageless and boundless, the infinite invisible and the the in-finite in-visible. In this space there is everything that you have ever thought of, or asked for or desired or demanded for yourself and all of creation. This is the space where you receive G.O.D or Gratitude.Orchestrates.Destiny or to put it in simpler words, in this space, you RECEIVE all that YOU acknowledge and express your gratitude for. Every thought you think, is orchestrated into perspectives and choices and as you acknowledge them in THOUGHT, WORD and DEED you begin to invite them into your TimeSpace reality that you may enjoy your abundance in the TimeSpace reality of Life.

It is also important to understand, that any and every THOUGHT, every word, every deed is recognised in your GodSpace and remembered in your name forever in time, eternal, even when you return from your TimeSpace, it is remembered, however, it is in your TimeSpace where you are called to make good, these treasures of your GodSpace. Your view and vision of the world is created in your GodSpace and then through your process of choosing and asking, delivered unto you, to be recognised in your TimeSpace. Where, because of your need to fill in as much detail as you can, causes you, to be in a typical to TimeSpace reality, a race of sorts against TIME itself, which is unlimited and universal and expanding and evolving with each thought you give to it. Yet, you do not recognise the eternal time when you are thinking or speaking or acting in your TimeSpace reality. Which is why, you are called to, from time to time, to Re:Lease your TimeSpace reality and begin to create from your GodSpace reality.

This TIME, balance or another very GodSpace vibration of balance is Be-All-At-Once can be aligned to during Prayer, Meditation, Silence and if you do not have the ability to practice either, you are called to be in a state of being in acknowledgement, appreciation, allowance, acceptance and gratitude of ALL THAT IS your TimeSpace calls your attention, awareness or consciousness to notice or be a part of. The balance is achieved through accepting the beingness of the experience without judgement, to look upon it with the co-creator instinct, intent and involvement that you may see how life is causing you to choose the balance between ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT YOU ARE within IT!

Gratitude, allows you the purest experience of the very creator force that created ALL THAT IS, including yourself and every possible thought conceivable in your TimeSpace reality. Everything, without exception, is first vibrationally created through thought and created in your GodSpace and only your acknowledgment of it, draws it into your TimeSpace experience that you MAY KNOW!

May the Love and Light of ALL THAT IS fill your TimeSpace reality with your GodSpace abundance!