Love is…

I don’t know know #Why and maybe it is wise not to choose… and in not choosing is a choice within itself. There is a deeper clarity revealed… where all possible perspectives present themselves to be observed in the middle… of what seems like a CIRCUMSTANTIAL muddle of emotions… inspired by MAN and reacted to by man itself.

7th February for #ME was a day of observation and responding from the observation… understanding that detachment isn’t PHYSICAL it is PSYCHOLOGICAL!

That there is DIVINE PERFECTION in allowing SILENCE to breathe forth into my actions and reactions. That, when my hands are pre-occupied… my heart is “feeling” and “healing” itself… how powerful.

That a child should be born this day… chosen by Gratitude for #me to experience a spiritual love. That even though I may not be a part of the physical process … the eternal intuit says… “this child is an expansion and extension of #ME” in ways the mother may never understand or the father KNOW YET… this child is ME! That each shower of affection and attention is ME… that I wished to be HIS LIGHT… I have taken form in another body… the love HE showers on her… will be received by ME through the eternal flow of LOVE, LIGHT, ABUNDANCE and GRATITUDE! Like He knows ME not… He knows not YET that the expansion of ME is this little child. That all the love and attention I called upon from him for me… is now complete through this child.

There is a part of #ME now expanded… through silence… every word comes to pass.. in this physical world… there shall be a point of clarity… when every thought I have thought… will find a way… will manifest and now and always… I will #Thank the GOD who created ME for the AweSoMe presence in every thought and every thought forward

Love is many things… many thoughts… many choices … Love is #ME



Quote of the day

In a moment of OBSERVATION I noticed “thoughts” feelings and chose to respond with SILENCE! :Mystiic