God, she knew!

My dream is to Coach unlimited people across India to practically invest 25% of their “thoughts” in Gratitude.

Over the past 38 years of being here… I have learned personally, through many portholes of trial and error, that there is a method to the madness that we experience and the choice of how to play out the experience is a gift we can choose to receive or GIVE and what we do choose becomes our path!

The story of the SELF as experienced through the powerful vibration of Gratitude… or what I now Understand is the OBSERVER story… is more powerful than the story we can every write about ourselves… personally… because we see ourselves as a product of being HUMAN… Creation sees us as an evolved version of itself… and that is beautiful!

Here’s the story as I was told about ME… and I FELT for the first time…

“She was born of two very powerful creators, each of who KNEW their role and did the things they were supposed to do… for her to grow into the person she was meant to be”

She didn’t understand the powerful creator she was, she felt like a puppet with strings attached… till one fine day… she needed those strings no more… she knew she was ready… she cut the cords of dependence… she sat in a corner… the story she told herself… “This is it! Its now time to be #ME”

She evolved… without strings… she first chose the HAND of MAN… She allowed herself to evolve with the experiences… choosing one mentor after the other… she allowed herself to experience the life of her dreams… this wasn’t enough… she knew for as long as she chose the HAND OF MAN … she was growing into what each experience meant her to be… she played the roles that were given to her… she felt “all-powerful” felt all achieved… but she was not happy… the way she knew deep within her ME that happiness FELT like… and she chose… a NEW HAND… She chose the HAND OF GOD!

God, she knew… knew her by name… God, she knew created her with a greater purpose. God, she knew was her defender protector and path. God, she knew filled her with happiness, joy and a beautiful story of taking the experience and creating forth from it! God, she knew, had her covered… she just needed to say YES!

…. and SHE DID!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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