#soulmate: Gratitude and abundance

The Angels have been teaching me something important… I have been seeking my soulmate… read as extensively (as I could) about the SIGNS and the significance and made a possible list of all the people I know who in their own way… or the way in which I see them (or choose to see them). Each person be-came an expectation and every expectation came with “he is- he is not” the comparison killed the thrill and I was back at square ONE… “how do I know who my soulmate IS?” and this time… I chose to ASK the angels… instead of wasting time on the mind game… which I understood is part HUMAN because the immediate thoughts of SOULMATE were pretty human and the comparison was human, the expectations were human and yes the disappointment was human too Winking smile

Here’s what the angels made me understand:

Remember, YOU are a vibration. You are here in the human form to discover the reality of who YOU really are and begin your Divine Purpose by working WITH the vibration that comes most naturally to YOU.

Therefore, WE would like for you to understand that YOU are your vibration eternally and in the flesh you are called to BE your vibration. So, every lesson will guide you to your vibration. Your greatest human success is deep rooted in the Vibration of who you are eternally. THINK of the moments that have changed your path and created who you have be-come to be in the flesh. Find the ONE word that best describes YOU.

What are you most drawn to? What is it that fills you with passion? What one “feeling” makes you lighten and brighten your life and the lives of others around you? What are your favourite conversations about? When have you felt at your highest potential? What do your memories make you feel? What is the VIBRATION in which you make magic happen? When you find your word and focus your conscious attention on HOW it has worked for you, connect the dots… feel the power shift within you and align you with who you really are eternally!

My word, I discovered, for as long as my memory serves me and I have served the human being I am and the human beings that surround me… is “GRATITUDE”.

The natural progression to finding my vibration was the vibration that matches my being most… ABUNDANCE… was the answer I got…. when I asked Gratitude what was the ONE aspect that most elevates the energy of Gratitude… what is it that Gratitude quite naturally makes ME experience… and how does it feel when I am filled and flowing with Gratitude? All… the answers were “abundance” “abundant” and today… I begin a brand new journey… feeling… deep Gratitude for Abundance… a new journey!

Will keep you posted on how the two of us are doing… the excitement… well… is seeing with new “I’s” or “eyes” my soulmate and best vibrational  feeling… Abundance.

WE wish you your word and SOULMATE essence! Gratitude & Abundance Open-mouthed smile


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