In-security vs Insecurity

Of late I have been receiving a continual training in the power of words from my Guides. They are now asking me to share this information with YOU.

While both In-security and Insecurity may sound the same to the ear of the human being in fact it is vibrationally paradoxical in both meaning and outcomes. It is often HOW we associate with a word that has the power to create.

In-Security means being secure from within. The place inside your body which is eternal sees the word this way and it is critical, that being of SOURCE you choose this form of the word. It will give you a feeling of KNOWING that deep within you there is a sense of WHOLE.

Also, remember, that the other form “insecurity” is based on external realities and is often based on an external projection of a sense of loss, lack, pressure.

Take time today… to check with yourself which vibration you are connecting to!

Gratitude Love and Light!


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