Divine Being…Being Divine!

Here is what the angels are telling me very clearly that the story of Being Human is a journey of 4 metaphoric and eternal steps:

Divine Being: YOU are eternally. YOU are connected vibrationally to the very SOURCE of EVERY-THING… that was… is … and ever shall BE!

Human Being: is an assignment for you to practice a new realm (physical) of vibrational being, when you begin to SEE that which you create… the first step to this level… being a “form” yourself and then creating more VISUAL realities to practice the power of co-creation. This realm is like an experiment of the power of YOU in the flesh.

Being Human: this is when you begin to Re:Member who you are and therefore you see all that is as part of you and extend your true self (Divine Being) into practice, through (Being Human) and that is when the eternal transformation begins again… you begin to see LIFE in 3 dimension… like on Earth and why you chose to be here is clear to you… in the present moment and you begin to to SEE and FEEL that it is true for ALL THAT IS created or in process of being created!

… here begins your eternal purpose… BEING DIVINE! Feeling every moment is creating from EXACTLY where you are and what you have… THE POWER TO CO-CREATE…

… it wouldn’t matter where you are or what you do… you know most certainly that you are Divinely Orchestrated Eternally!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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