Feeling & Knowing : “I am Blessed!!”

M y s t i i c

We live and love in a world of “Seeing & Believing” & “Believing what we See”. Which is, and I have learnt it the hard way… lol… to stay WANTING & WAITING!!

Affirming what you can see already is easier, then again, your awareness for the most part is in WANTING to TRULY BELIEVE that you are worthy of what you SEE Winking smile

Some pretty sub-conscious statements we make when we can SEE… yet find it difficult to believe:

1) I don’t believe it… You don’t really mean it do you!!

2) WOW, now this is a surprise… I didn’t think I’d ________

3) This is too good to be true!

Now, if you’re smiling… you know you’ve been using these exclamations! You’re looking back at the when… who… and what happened soon after Winking smile

If you really do want to change your reality… all you have to make is a tiny…

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