I asked and they did! #Angels

Every day I am bumping into angels and this is so much fun. I don’t see them… unless of course I meet someone who I call “an angel”. I feel their presence, whispering in my ears, drawing my attention to certain people or ideas. To be honest, I don’t know what I would have done without them all my life.

For most part of my growing years, they assisted me through prayer and they still do, as I keep asking God for ways to know him better, I learnt I was meeting more divine conversations and a whole load of little information that was continually assisting me from one step to the other… often… the space between one step and the other are filled with new questions and yet, the excitement is that there is ENERGY holding me together while I mentally take a step… like magic people, presence, information flow to me and through me. This process, I would like to call LEARNING to TEACHING and TEACHING to LEARNING. What a beautiful process a paradox for life. Often in the moment of “Corresponding” on a particular subject, I have found the presence of the Divine Assistance much stronger and more assertive.

Recently, a lot of what I once BELIEVED beyond DOUBT… are my areas of “change” and the tough part as a human being is to LET GO… makes ONE feel “fragile” in the same breath though… when you see these doubts from a Divine Perspective they are irrelevant in accordance to our eternalness and the choice to move on is EMpowered… where EM is the Eternal Manifest of ME the Manifest Energy in the human form.

Asking the angels to continually work for me  is like living life at a whole new level of power… the power of the infinite wisdom of the ALL that created ALL THAT IS… now CREATING through ME. The shift is ONE RECEIVING at a time… I ask and they respond… I respond and they ASK… the cycle of Re:Turn to Gratitude!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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