I choose “miracles”

We have all had brushes with the Divine N.U.D.G.E of the Spirit of the ALL of creation. That moment when we were thinking and something special made us smile and feel so good… that we sent out blessings to the ALL of creation.

How many times have you had the opportunity to say “oh that feels so good”, these are the miracles of living everyday connected to the Divine YOU… that part of you that is wirelessly connected to everything that IS.

The cellphone is a brilliant example of the connectedness of the ALL! There is not one cellphone in the world that you cannot reach if you choose to dial. There isn’t one human being who is not connected to you through wireless communication and this is the evolved HUMAN CONNECT we experience everyday. If you raise the level of “thought” about the human creation to connect, what you will truly also discover, that if man made communication is evolved, how much more has our connectedness to the ALL assured!

The wireless connect to the ALL begins with a THOUGHT you CHOOSE to FOCUS upon long enough for it to be-come a reality!

When you “think” you are creating… be Thankful…. that you CAN CHOOSE, I know I am. It has taken me a whole lot of thinking, to begin to understand the power of the ALL. The ALL corresponds in THOUGHT, FEELING and EMOTING. It is amazing, how miraculous it feels to connect a thought I have to a thing that it is be-coming in my own life.

I choose to call these “miracles” of the ALL within ME and through me. The greatest gift we have is a THOUGHT and the moment we choose to think that thought… the ALL simply chimes in… “let there be… (your thought) and it is DONE!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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