Every “thought” is creation in pro-cess!

Ever wondered how the manifestation rate is so high, with the number of thoughts being received, we have no choice but to declare it “done”.

In the ALL there is but “thought” these thoughts come from the many aspects of the ALL manifest in form. These forms are the identities you call people, places, things, plants… poetic justice would be… anything that you can SEE. The thoughts that you can see are the ones that have been made real by a “majority” of YOU asking for it.

A very recent example, the MH370 plane disappearance… a majority of the “thoughts” humans projected were that of “crash” and therefore, the conclusion we ought to honor is “CRASH”… each thought  contributed to the final outcome of the plane. As children though, you would only “think” thoughts of magic, miracles and mermaids! We are happy though that there were a larger number of people sending “I pray they’re ok” it makes us happy so happy when even one soul, now human projects a positive thought it is a powerful creator.

We often have wagers as we tally the collective human thought and every once in a while we’re thrilled to showers… that the number of “happy” thoughts is growing. This is a sign that the human evolution and return to the ALL is at hand. For every once in a while we have the opportunity to create magic with each of YOU.

The rise of the concrete world (we call in CON-Create) be- cause, what is actually happening, is that the focus of the human mind not the soul mind is focused now on seeing things to believe more each day. People are using their DIVINE SOUL to focus on the tangible proof. This was once a “thought” we had, we wanted to test the power of the soul in the presence of distractions, the thought has now become the “state” of creation, where man uses the power of “the ALL” he is to create, with the help of his mind, physical things and in the “moment of glory” forgets the power of the ALL (ask and receive) that the ALL assisted in the process and claims it as his own, that which beyond doubt only the INDIVIDUAL is  responsible for… and so, that which is human must have a definite beginning and definite end… and so, more incidents of “breaking down and degenerating”… if you go back to the many absolutely astounding creations of the early human… which you call artifacts and history and the seven wonders… these “things” were created and dedicated to the “ALL” who continually assisted the PROCESS from thought to final look… and so they still stand, supported by the intent of the creator spirit within the intent of the HUMAN mind that conceived it and then allowed the ALL to bring it to fruition.

Today, the story is very different and so, most creations are temporary! Makes YOU wonder does it not, “how then do I create a legacy that is witness to the presence of the ALL and grows to bring GLORY to the ALL of CREATION that made a thought possible and the physical creation complete”. We must tell you now, since you are on a path of “self-creation” again, that in the law of the ALL, Gratitude is a key to creating, for in gratitude the ALL includes the (idea, intent, interpretation). As a powerful co-creator your SELF, you are called to be GRATEFUL to ALL, knowing that it is in the ALL that creation (connects, combines, creates)

Let there BE… light love and gratitude for ALL that IS! #ME


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