Allowing things to happen

I wished… I received… the fact is that it wasn’t expected this way… yet… I must admit, that when I prayed about it… I knew where it began!

Please stop sending me text I’m not even reading them am sorry if I’ve hurt u am not interested sorry again take care!

It wasn’t really a surprise… my heart was telling me… to stop paying too much attention to the fact that I was missing him and projecting more lack and yes… being a woman… acting from that lack.

On the face of the message… is a big message… “REJECTION” sounds like that and I can promise you … when I read it… that is all I felt. My EGO does what it does best… react… and I did! What was different… is that I found myself sending a message back… “Thank YOU”… even my EGO had a different reaction… stunned. I chose to pray… knowing that there was a root… there was something more important “a clue” an asking that I was missing.

There is part of ME that is feeling terrible … this part is the part that still needs to heal, because what she is dealing with a list of memories… feels familiar… then there’s another part of me that is reminding me

“the love you shared is eternal, regardless of the situation” and I am smiling again… yes, I have been very distracted from my path… since I met him. All I have been thinking of wanting, waiting for and wishing for has been all around him… I have been asking to FOCUS on ME!

To focus on ME… I needed to FOCUS less on HIM… and who could’ve helped me better than his HIGHER SELF! The higher self that knows that regardless of the situation the love is eternal… so perfect for a million more reasons that is evident.

Sometimes, we are blessed to see beyond the circumstance, even when all the critical evidence… is against us, there is one source, one force, one creator energy that holds every thought… together. Hoping we choose to claim the better choice. A choice that makes us feel a little better.

Till my EGO decides to feel otherwise… and I can write it with that much force… I am going to TRUST that all is in DIVINE ORDER! Amen


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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