the power of *ME*

I’ve been receiving messages to allow my-self the permission to discover the power of *ME*. It is a privilege to begin this journey … feels like the NEXT 40 days is going to be the Un-Veiling, Metaphoric Steps to the Rising of ME personally and globally. I am sending his message out to YOU too… knowing that there are many who are receiving the same message… and wondering what it really means!

Feel free  to connect with me if the message resounds for YOU or you have been receiving a lot of ME talk recently… let the DIVINE TOTALITY lead

“ME is the centre of YOU and when you begin to allow the powerful ME that you are to LIVE both internally and externally. YOU begin to see, feel, hear, taste, breathe the DIVINE TOTALITY of WHO YOU ARE!”


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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