Father SPIRIT SON… a deeper look at the trinity

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been bumping in to the “conversation” about the Trinity… and I learn something new each time I speak…

It is Be-Coming more evident that we’ve missed a critical step in the understanding of the Trinity… and there are many who are getting this “revealation” across the world. God’s power is in the “Spirit” the “doer” and then the vessel or human translator of the “mind” of God… made manifest in the Flesh.

If the human body is but a vessel.. then we’ve got to dip into the SPIRIT of the VESSEL… that which the VESSEL represents… the holder of the content of the vessel is the SPIRIT of GOD!

God is the recipe, the Spirit the Ingredients and the Son is the vessel in which the the recipe is manifest. WE ought to therefore thank the SON for allowing us to “cook up”. The key… that the SON comes to teach is the relationship between the RECIPE and the INGREDIENTS coming together… the vessel ITSELF is an INSTRUMENT. Any VESSEL who chooses the RECIPE and ALLOWS the INGREDIENT therefore can maketh the dish…. pretty simple and yet, the challenge is not to restrict the understanding of the vessel… it is to focus on the ingredients of the recipe.

Re:Legion I am being given to understand is the “method of cooking” and for each method of cooking, the vessel must in fact be suited/aligned with the “method”, which is why, we opt for religious practices… it is just a method.

Jesus, is the universal vessel… anyone of us can identify with the “person of Jesus”, normal, as basic as a person can be… he grew into someone special when he receives the “Ingredient” Spirit and allows the RECIPE to be revealed through HIM-SELF!

Spirit, that part of who we are that KNOWS it ALL! Allows us experiences that we may claim our true place, gives us confidence… DOES NOT HAVE A STATIC image… INCLUDES everything that is created (experiences) and then… when we have chosen a method… well… we cook it up! What we PRESENT to the world is our version of the ETERNAL recipe!!

Our Thoughts, Our Words and Our Actions… is a reflection of the ONE RECIPE (Being Human)


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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