The sign – of the cross

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

I have been struggling with the whole idea of “being in love”, my anticipation has now become an expectation and this is pretty much about moving out of my comfort zone. Since this morning the words COMFORT ZONE has blown up into a big balloon and saying “notice me” please… I am a sign!

Here are some of the mighty clues… I have felt… some make sense and have a deeper meaning… the others… well… I can see them… and don’t know what they mean… so I made a choice… I will keep the clues going… by writing them. I may not see them YET… I know that these are signs.

Here are my signs:

  • The Sign_ Of the Cross This one is really special it is… Open-mouthed smile
  • The Love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation
  • now is the time to pay attention to how your body reacts when you say their name or think of that situation.
  • Send each person love, light, and healing – and also send it to yourself.
  • These are attachments and energetic cords that no longer serve you, Dear One.
  • image
  • Date:  7th March 2014 it’s a Friday …
  • Meet my wife ( I see it clearly, he has a very proud smile on his face when he says that… I smile and acknowledge)

All of these… well just today… and as I write… I am seeing more wonderful words… like the angels are making me notice something special… sacred total in the whole world for my eyes and heart to understand… even though the situation as it is now… seems easier to hold on to “he’s acting like “someone has shoved a peacock feather up his bum” for the last two weeks… but here’s the thrill… I can choose to see and feel it … “the human way” or as I am essaying here… “Divine way” and I choose the latter… only because… it feels safer and more comfortable and more ME!

The other signs…

Sally calling me up about a sign that she now knows what it means.

Sign the documents to release my investment the other day: now as I read the sign

 “Just give heaven the permission and the details will be done. This is true for your life too… just sign the document… Dear God, I surrender my needs, desires and demands to you. Thank YOU! Sign

“Mark” my ex, meant “SIGN” too. The vibration of his name brought me a whole lot of first… now in retrospect… I am thrilled…

    1. Got dumped on a holiday. I discovered that my “asking” is powerful everything I ask GOD for or worry about or assume… comes true… even now!
    2. I went to be with him to help him with his mum… He made a choice for me… and I landed up meeting my soulmate. Funny mark knew what I should not be doing… Even if I cried “dear God help me to help him”, that wasn’t meant to be
    3. Mark made his entry into my life in 2008 a year after I began my first crush… and life was filled with ASPIRATIONS… he walked in and helped me read the SIGNS… God… even though we’re not together anymore… THANK YOU so much for Mark.
    4. The song he dedicated to me “If You’re not the ONE”… a SIGN in itself!!

What was your first thought after reading the post???

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