Just a Moment… in time!

Taking a cue from the angels… it is time to focus on the letting go… just got a phone call… definitely someone I have a huge account (burden) with, just feeling the intensity of the feeling, I know I have to let go.

Talking sense… well… with the energy in sway and a choice to make… I choose the journey the destinations (people are a “choice” I make along the journey. Some of them have taken the time to walk with me, talk with me and make memories.

Some memories… make me smile and walk tall… some others well… the made me pause… and I moved on anyway… then again… as I walk back I smile… I learnt who I am meant to be… because of them!

Gratitude… says… look back and feel grateful to look forward and see it materialise Winking smile


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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