Metaphoric Steps

Everyone and Everything around you … my dear one is a METAPHOR… each one has meaning… yes, even the “ones” that make you angry… don’t let that be your connect with them. Love them like we do and you’ll begin to see it! Sea it… for you. Every-time you take a step in the direction of your thought, you’re creating more LIKE it or more OF it. This creating is what is reflecting in the VISIBLE WORLD. There is so much you aren’t aware of, only because, you have chosen to see it the way the world has conditioned you to see it. YOU feel the pain… it is only because you ARE choosing to BE the pain.

There is much that is a “metaphor” or like we’d like you to read it “met-a-for” every person you meet has a meaning, significant to both of YOU. Right now, don’t dive into his drama. He will begin to create more drama, knowing you respond to the drama… you’ve learnt that too… haven’t you. Now here’s a step… Ask Michael to permanently detach the cords of Drama between the two of you… this situation isn’t healthy. The feeling that you need to PROTECT each other is NOT LOVE… it is knowing that with each other you are PROTECTED by heaven. Take this drama out and you’ll see each other in the splendour of heaven… with LOVE, LIGHT & Gratitude!

The metaphoric leap in Love Light and Gratitude is a perspective shift from being and living out the drama… to seeing love light and gratitude within the WE and radiating to each other… allow the angels to heal this situation and fill it with Divine Love Divine Light and Divine Gratitude for the power of WE that the two of you represent. Say “YES” and it is DONE!


Now feel the love and radiate in the Light of the LOVE that holds you TWO as WE! God loves it when you change the perspective and release the drama. Thoughts become things, in any relationship what you must be aware of… is whether the Divine is holding you to-get-her or the Divide is causing drama. There is a sane eternal advice to all of you choosing to be in relationships with each other. The part that is most powerful is the “CHOOSE-Sign”.

Balance is allowing yourself to take a step… now you have!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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