Take the Risk… Discover YOUR-SELF!

So, I spend the whole day releasing and writing and feeling the flow of heaven through me. Yes! It is a different trip all-together. There is a deeper sense of belonging to something much greater than being human… this feeling, is like a giant warm hug… that makes you feel safe.

I leave early for the beach…I know the ocean is calling me and I need to get there… there is also this excited expectancy… will he be there? Will I get to say Hi… can we continue the conversation. Why am I looking for him?

I see him at the bar… first I think to myself, “NOTICE ME” I am here today!!! Then I choose to be a little bolder in spirit… I walk upto him to say “Hi!” and I sit at the barstool… he seems upset… I am picking up a little “I AM REALLY UPSET” vibes… and I get myself to “ASK”… I figure out that there’s been a rape in the village and his heart is saddened… he feels personally violated and made fun of. Every person in the village is family, he explains to me and when one of them gets raped it feels like the whole village has been disrobed. Here I meet the sensitive person he is… wonders how I never heard of it… or saw the ruckus on my way out the previous evening?

We realise, that the time I left, was 15 minutes before the BIG PROBLEM… in my head I say (thank you GOD!) and I ask if I can help, give him a couple of ideas, ask him to smile, give him an ear… to listen to the pain and then tell him to be smart, there is a community of people in the village and the smart idea would be to activate all of them to look out for each other. That is a smarter way… sometimes, it is silly to take the “load” of pain on behalf of them… it does not serve the purpose, it creates a “DeepEndDenseSee” on one source, when in the truth, we all must pitch in-to create.

I walk away, noticing, that I… see life like a pathway… I will learn some, I will love some I may keep nothing, yet, all I am sure of… there is a purpose.

Being a woman, I am pretty sure, that we are created to be sensitive… very sensitive… we hurt easily. Then again I also realise that we are least sensitive about our-SELF! We don’t even think… before saving another soul from pain… or feeling the pain other’s go through… in the process we neglect the most important person we are “SELF”.

I feel a little moved and pretty practical… I ask him to detail the event, the pain the unheard pleas to the MLA and write it down for me… I can help by getting it to the PRESS … at the highest level, if HE feels that the coverage was a cover up! He looks at me… I look at him and smile… “Sometimes, we have to be stronger than the circumstance itself to find a solution. Getting drawn in makes us a part of the problem.” … I say bye… still smiling… and return to my table… I know it is my happiness to have made a move and spoken… now I had to simply enjoy it… the feeling. This is new for me… I often keep to myself and live it out… today I had done something different.

If I wanted to speak to him… it wasn’t about him… it was about ME and I had to honour my desire to take a step and communicate… not so much to him… more so to my angels. I had affirmed to the ANGELS that I would take the STEP and they can create the magic… something has begun… and the someone who felt it most was ME!

There’s a sign… if you choose to feel it!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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