Honor Your-Self!

As I begin again to follow the signs… it is most important that I take a less tread path… that I may EXPERIENCE that which I am here for. There is nothing more fascinating than to just go where your heart says and “listen” for the words… the clues… the defining moments. May not always strike you in the moment… yet you know something is missing… and as you continue to experience the day… you’ll know it.

Bumped into a book “honor yourself” and as I read it… It is about the angel’s telling me… that I need to now begin to take risks of experiencing something new… I know that I need to come back and return to gratitude. The clue, a conversation with two strangers on the subject of Gratitude… more a pointer for me. The kick of knowing a book is meant for you and yes… when you make a promise… the most exciting part is… on the way to honoring the promise… you are actually honoring yourself!

I realised my heart and my eyes were looking for a familiar face and feeling, conversation. I look around I do not see… yet I feel… I feel that he’s been looking for me too… wondering why I hadn’t come yesterday. My heart knew the feeling… my eyes… well.. couldn’t see him… and not one person I met… again… knew the story. The ocean did… and somewhere… deep within me… I did too!

This is getting exciting… I can feel it… I ask the Ocean again… “I know I am here to receive….” I still don’t know… or have no clue what… another sunset and dinner later… I am homeward bound… to write


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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