Receive Me Now!

The words still resound in my head, as we finished service, I chose to sit back and breathe in a message from the spirit of God. Needed guidance, my heart was heavy and I knew that my salvation lies, in listening and the key message that was going around was “Giving and Receiving” which is as infinite as the ocean and the ocean as infinite as the imagination can choose to be.

I did not know, how to receive so I chose the easy way out… I sat around family… thinking that the Lord meant me to do so… had a wonderful time… then again… when you’re wishing you were somewhere else… then you’ve gotta wonder… “what’s with my choices”… I needed to choose myself… and I just wasn’t doing it. Comfort Zone is family and that is exactly where I hung out… life was waiting for me… then again… in retrospect. I have always been at the right place for me… Divinely Covered by God’s grace!

Grateful for the pain… makes me want so much to heal!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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