Salvation of the Cross!

The offering of light in worship, given a sign. Mark, the crow, the oceanic splendour… the Angel was at the Bar… and signalled the heavenly beginning, I didn’t know it was a sign. I just knew that there was a reason beyond my understanding… The echo of the soul… as the Ocean began to hit against the shore… The angel, saw the sign and knew that this must be the chosen one, the one to befriend… and Salvation was to meet the light and a new future was to begin…

B52 shots, the announcement of the beginning, the spirit of God made flesh, celebrated! A pause, to remember the very moment that it all began… from and where it really began! It all makes sense… the Angel Toasted to the moment… and in that moment all of creation celebrated the UNION of Salvation and Light… when they meet… Light of the Cross and Salvation of the cross… announced and toasted by the Angel of the cross…

as I came home… I cried… dear God help me!… I knew a part of me had to move on… my focus on the SIGN and my heart longing Salvation. I had a choice to make… I had no confidence in myself… so I chose : Confidence in God!



What was your first thought after reading the post???

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