Sunrise in Goa!

Yay… I am missing the train… I still feel the rhythm of it… within me and around me. There is a sense of relief… the station now has a “pre-paid” service… suddenly, wondering why I was so worried about HOW… when all I was meant to do is TRAVEl and TRUST the angels to work out the rest. Breathing in GOA… feels good.

It was a long ride to my guest house, the fun though, was in the conversation with my cabbie… like I was returning home… and what I needed most was an update about what occurred while I was away! The sun rises… to welcome me… I feel special, there is much waiting for me to meet… feeling like a VIP… must be the angels… oh well.. it is the angels.

I finally reach the guest house… after what seems like the longest ride… I check in… the person who is at the desk is an old man… seems so happy to see me. Looks like he was waiting all night… to welcome me… I was to reach at 0215hrs… the train is late… it is now 0715hrs (the time I was born… way back) these are signs that I may be born again… this trip to GOA… it doesn’t strike me just then… while I write… I am amazed at the pieces coming together… “Sometimes, when we look over an ordinary day and connect the dots with Gratitude… we discover WHOLNESS”.

My room No. 135 = 9… Completion of a CIRCLE OF LIFE and the BEGINNING of a KNEW cycle (we all have an inkling of how we’re special to GOD… sometimes… we have to re:member what we already KNEW… right in the middle of living). I walk in… they really do mean SINGLE BED … reminds me of my room in Milan… just more rustic… I feel at home though… the Bible on the shelf tells me… “See I told you, I will be with you”

Time to settle in… get some sleep… and then get some lunch… I so want to eat CRAB… my favourite “EAT” in GOA!  I have a bath… and off to sleep I am… feels good to rest before I begin exploring what I have come to this city to RECEIVE… the most important thought on my mind… FOOD!!


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