Trains are a vibration… it itSELF!

29 hours to GOA… and it’s a good time to train yourself for a whole load of surprises. Nothing is more magical than feeling the power of God’s presence through the vibrational connects you make on a train journey. Hanging out with two awesome people… stopping at each station to savour the local flavour… and as we head towards … GOA… I am amazed at the views both seen and heard… an opportunity to connect with the FLOW of a path… a train journey is far more than just a “ride” to a destination… if you go with the flow it is more like a “write” to your destiny.

Something tells me… I should relax into a deeper vibration of Gratitude… I am going to need it when I get there… or maybe a hint, that the many thank you’s I have had a chance to pray on the way… are a pre-presence of how the core vibration of this entire trip is a deeper more emotional shift from the circumference of what I know as Gratitude… to the depth of experiencing it.

So many thoughts… so many experiences… a lot of food sampling, sharing and chatting… If this is the pre-cursor… I can only begin to imagine the bigger unfolding waiting for me to FEEL IT and SEE IT!

Grateful for a train journey… when you’re angels are with you… Coach A3 tells me… that the ALMIGHTY 3 are with me and a host of angel presence too! Spoke with just 2 people on the train… with me, well we complete three… and yes… my berth no. 15 which equals to 6… My birth No.!! ha ah ha…. as I read the signs… I am filled with excitement. The old couple on the train… have caught my attention… sometimes, it is good to re:member with the basics… travelling with a whole lot of food… making time to eat it… and yes… just be an old couple traveling together… inspiring… says GROW OLD TOGETHER… a small telephone book takes me back to being a lot younger and yes… not being exposed to digital… those tiny phone books… make me smile.

Taking time out from chatting… to chant Thank You… Blessed to Travel… in spirit with spirit and in form too!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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