The Secret of Breathing patterns…

“When you only EXHALE or focus on exhaling (give) or only inhaling (receive), you become out of rhythm with the universe”


Interesting, that I should’ve focused most on this sentence in the entire reading… What I did have on my mind is a desire to quit smoking, I have received messages from many sources, including the colour of my teeth that smoking is “pain” for me and yet, I find myself reaching for a cigarette before or after or during significant moments of my day.

If I am to take responsibility I need to release it and to release it, like always, I needed inspiration or maybe, the truth of why it is “important” to me! When I drew the card from “Daily Guidance from your ANGELS” by Doreen Virtue!

In addition we’d like you to know that there YOU have been asking for the why of the cigarettes and your holding on to them even though you do understand that they are keeping you blocked from your Divine Receiving of YOU!

For most parts, even when you are meditating, you spend more time exhaling or focusing on the release, the giving of your energy. This has also been a pattern of your life, that has kept you from RECEIVING. Now, in response to your asking for In-Sight… begin, to focus more on inhaling… count 9 while inhaling and exhale in 3!! This will begin YOUR receiving at an energy level. Here are some of the positives of focusing on IN-haling for longer periods (with focus) :

      • Receiving more oxigen into your lungs, clearing the energy blocks within your body
      • Allowing GOD to work within you
      • Opening your lungs to RECEIVING LIFE MESSAGES and DIVINE COMFORT
      • Working with your INNER CHILD, HIGHER SELF

The key Message, which is also our response to your question, CIGARETTES represent external stimulation to INHALE or receive and give. To look at it positively and allow yourself the lesson it intended to bring to you about RECEIVING now, delivered to you. YOU are called through the powerful intervention of your asking to understand “Cigarette” and your personal story of success and now make a choice… to RECEIVE… more focused on the FREE AIR… God’s PRESENCE… or SIMPLY… your BODY’s way of ALLOWING you to receive.

Cigarettes… the lesson you can choose to ACKNOWLEDGE :

  • Cigarettes, were your way of being accepted by your younger sisters. You made a choice to smoke to prove to them that if you expect them to do what you tell them is right for them, you are willing to do something that was right according to them! Ha ha ha… you made that choice as a child. Now that you are all grown up and more aware, you can choose to simply release any need to “prove”  or need their approval. Knowingly or unknowingly, cigarette smoking was also in your “innocent” mind, a sense of being grown up enough to make a decision.
  • We want you to know that there is a SPIRITUAL why of your smoking too! WE noticed, that your breathing pattern wasn’t balanced, you always have exhaled more, deep breath has always been a challenge for you… to you exhaling has always been a more exciting process, while you inhale you are more bothered by the details of inhaling… more that the ACT of inhaling.
  • This shows up in your everyday life too! You are always most comfortable in GIVING, you are uncomfortable receiving… it makes  you wonder WHY, there is a slight struggle… Allow yourself to INHALE your Divine Inheritance… WE assure you that it is okay to RECEIVE everything coming your way… yes, which includes, delays, procrastination, being overwhelmed, having strong emotions, feeling claustrophobic… these are but journals on the path of reaching your Divine Destiny.
  • Smoking, well, was a divine way to allow you to practice inhale and exhale, which is why we have taken care of your lungs while you’ve been smoking, cleaning them regularly with Coughs and Colds to protect them till you were ready for the lesson.
  • We sent you many people … with messages to get you to begin seeing the lesson so you could release the “physical cigarette” and begin CONSCIOUSLY focusing on your breathing pattern. Yet, we also knew that you were a child who has chosen to follow her intuit at a very young age, and would grow into an adult who will continue to intuit for her Divine Purpose to come true…

Celebrate Giving and Receiving … with the KNOW… that your NEW alignment comes from a deeper IN-heal-Action (inhalation or RECEIVING) your DIVINE SELF and External-Heal-Action (exhalation or GIVING) of your DIVINE SELF!

Stay Tuned to the Spirit and Divine Manifest right through 2014… INGratitude –ExGratitude  to BEGratitude itself!


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