Princess Diaries: January 6th 2014

Be Honest with YOURSELF!

It is always our deepest desire, to watch you as you grow into the fullness of your Purpose! As you continue to take tiny steps and brave ones, we watch you, we watch over you and we understand that there is a part of you caught in the “melee” in the “jamboree” of the monumental shift in being YOU.

It is interesting, to see you RESIST this change, even though you know that it is DIVINE. Sometimes, actually for most parts this is what makes you human enough to rise to the Divine. Yes, it is true, we know that there is so much you’re dealing with at the earth level. Be honest now as you write this, knowing that there is much that you are choosing still to hold on to, for the sake of keeping the façade “positive”, yet, here is what you’re faith in your Divine Plan is asking for, acknowledge and release, that you may now RECEIVE in accordance to your DIVINE INHERITANCE, assured and kept ready at a soul level, to make it easier to release, we’ve chosen a way, that brings you JOY, the excitement and power of flow, writing. We know Princess, that writing thrills your heart, soul and being… and in flow, you have both, released and realised the powerful truth about yourself and others. We’re here to assist you right now, right this moment, to begin a whole new part of your Divine Journey… it begins with being honest about yourself and with your SELF (That part of you that is both connected to the DIVINE and HUMAN) . We’ll ask you the questions and allow you to flow in communication…

The Pain is real… Suffering is optional!

It is indeed a very sad feeling, when you feel the hurt for the first time. It is painful to see the truth as it IS… not the way you’ve romanticised it, with your own “sense of responsibility” or “pressured actions” to conform to the role entrusted upon you. However, it is also essential to acknowledge how well you held up and that all your actions were based upon the better judgement in that time for the better of those whom those actions were taken to protect or expose. Remember, some felt exposed by your actions and some felt protected. It is OKAY, to now, rest your need to provide for others and provide for your SELF. The time has arrived for you to RECEIVE unconditionally, that which you need to fulfill the DIVINE PURPOSE. Be not saddened by the loss, rise to the OPPORTUNITY of GROWTH that is born from the loss. Know, that your resources are now, meant for YOU to multiply and infinitely grow in spirit. The ones, who are drawing you to drama are of the thought and feeling, that you MUST provide or that the guilt you OUGHT to feel for setting them free, must be paid by PAIN. That is also OKAY… as long as you FEEL THE PAIN… it is real… to SUFFER because they energetically would like you to, is OPTIONAL! Choose the PAIN over the suffering, allow the pain to heal itself… acknowledge the pain and feel free to express the pain when the drama arrives. Last night was one such opportunity and we are proud that you chose to stay grounded in your KNOW and not bow down to the very clear drama being played out, enticing you and inviting you to PART-I-SEE- Pay-action! (Participation or give importance to over your SELF) the choice, assisted you in ASSERTING honestly, that which you are willing to do for PEACE, allowing the other party, to take guarantee for the OUTCOME if CONTRARY to the PROJECTION.

Relationships are a journey… and the ones who walk with you… are brilliant… yet… you are called to choose the one you follow… with Divine Assistance at all times.

Yes, we understand that you have a deep desire to have someone by your side, it is normal and human. Yet, part of you is scared to walk along, knowing that you have a short attention span and suffocate easily when under the constant gaze. It is time to be honest with yourself… your choice of relationships at a spirit level have been that of a person who can and must have two lives… the one he has with you and the one that he has of his own, also allowing you the time and space to grow individually as well as a couple. While you have continued to attract these phenomenal relationships, you also have continued… to need your space. This my dear, is expecting too much of the other person, without honestly communicating your NEEDS from the relationship. You want YOUR own time… and you want their time and you want it according to your convenience. Remember, the one special relationship requires patience… just like a seed requires patience and nurturing to grow, so do two individuals require the SPIRIT to lead them together or hold them apart! We ask you to now, release.. into the light, the man you hold dear and all the thoughts that keep you “stuck” to the beating of the meaning of being in a relationship with him. We understand that you are scared by guilt, that you are the one to blame for the “slowness” of the relationship reaching its Divine Manifest in your earth life. This is a toxic relationship that is seasonal and comes with a deeper more profound LESSON. You can CHOOSE right now, to let go of the GUILT that causes you to WANT him so much that it hurts not to have him and it hurts more not to have him the way you have come to believe true, in accordance to his version of the story… told so confidently, that in a sense it exposes the SIDE of YOU, you know you are not, yet, have come to BELIEVE that YOU ARE!

Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give yourself is YOU!! The YOU that your higher SELF, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and the ANGELS know YOU to be! This is growth, let not the version of the world’s view on you keep you from feeling the Divine Embrace of Destiny!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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