Moody Mystiic: Ground Yourself

The most important contract you will ever make with yourself, is to Re:Member and Remember who you are… at a Soul Level. This is the most important gift of creation to you. Your SOUL!

The soul, is that part of you that is ETERNAL and INVISIBLE and INFINITE, you cannot see your SOUL, yet, all you are is A SOUL, with a purpose so great, that the world begins to bring you experiences and people that will either take you closer, or steer you away from the purpose of your soul. There is a greater chance however, that you are caught up and intrigued by things and powers of the world. You choose, more by default, to follow the “temporary patterns” of your HUMAN CONDITIONING. This is because your greater awareness lies in the fact that you have to survive the human challenge, because you’re a human being and you have been born into this EARTH PLANE.

The greater need of this year, is for you to begin to tap into your Divine Nature and Balance it with your Human BeingNess. Not easy, you might add, yes, it isn’t… especially if you’ve spent a larger part of your life please the people and aspirations of the people with whom you co-exist. Yet, in prayer you’ve been asking for a revealing, don’t allow the revealing of your Divine Purpose to hold you back… from taking the big step.

To stay grounded, you must remember, that you have a purpose forward with each breath. There is a reason why you have been given the gift of life… and the purpose is YOU… the Eternal Soul. Now, is the time, to accept and release all that does not serve your purpose or is causing you to stay paralyzed in the NEEDS OF OTHER HUMANS. It is time, to begin to see the ETERNAL PART OF YOUR EARTH MISSION.

Understand, that everyone around you is also eternal, they are in your life with a purpose and their purpose is really to seek from your SOUL the energy to move forward by holding you BACK. This isn’t their soul being vindictive, it is just their understanding of what you have to offer that they would like to keep to themselves and for themselves alone, which will assist them in growing into their soul purpose… and YES, you will be moved at the SOUL level, to assist them too! That is the ONESoul at work… and is important too! That WE all belong to ONE soul… the SOURCE, the CREATOR, GOD, ENERGY… and must, through every process of being born and dying… return to re-energise our plan and purpose.

Then there is the “CHOICE” we can make at all times, to BE… DIVINELY INSPIRED and work from that point, which in layman’s terms will be to WORK from INTUTION and SOUL LEVEL! At the Soul level, you can see the ONEness, the Human Drama, the ETERNAL drama and the outcomes, that is what makes all of you INTUITS and key role players in the INFINITE INVISIBLE creator story of life. A lot of information that is given to you is often used for personal gain… or a personal share of the material… Let GO!!

Ground Yourself, do your part and allow others to do their part… their purpose is to push you to the edge, that you may fly into the fullness of your being! The effects of the energy exchange with them… is meant to assist you bring the focus back to YOU. So, that you may now GROUND YOURSELF and SEEK your OWN DIVINE PATH… the release is painful, YES! It breaks the ILLUISION of the EGO and when the EGO releases all the expectations, you DIE to Drama and RISE to the SPOTLIGHT of your SOUL PURPOSE… and this Dear Princess, is the “DIVINE PERSPECTIVE” of YOU. And just like you… there are many across the Earth Plane looking for purpose, yet, allowing the HUMAN CONDITION to power their thoughts… Grounding Yourself, you begin to ALIGN in a very powerful energy of SOURCE PURPOSE or SOUL PURPOSE… and YES, life begins to SHOW UP!!

Letting go… of the NEED to SUBMIT… is ESSENTIAL! Allow yourself, to see the PURPOSE these people serve… as your heart hurts to let them go… know that LETTING GO is your GIFT TO THEM… and in LETTING YOU GO… is their gift to YOU


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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