The pure energy of 2014 is “Balance”

God kept his promise, today I got my Oracle Cards… Daily Guidance with the Angels & Archangel Michael cards, feels like heaven surprised me again!

The first two cards I drew from the pack, was all about Grounding. Sometimes, we get too spiritual. There is a sense of belonging, that often creates a sense of dis-illusion with the material world. We begin to actually feel our hurt and pain and disagreement with the rest of the world. What is actually happening is detachment… a sense of “honest emotions” with people around us. In a way, letting us know, more consciously, that we’ve begun to depend too much on the material world to provide us spiritual guidance instead of allowing our spiritual guidance to bring us that we require at many levels to have a successful experience in the material world!

Balance, I hear, is the pure energy of the year 2014, the need is to have all we can see and ask for how to seek all we can have. Time to read the bible again, from the perspective of the spiritual… all spiritual texts are the secrets of how to connect more powerfully with the Creator of ALL THAT IS and begin to BE all we can be… feet on the ground, growing roots here on earth, while the inspiration for all that is material comes from the guidance of the eternal!

We are asking you to find more ways to stay worldly as your mind continues to ascend into the realm of spirit. It is new and yes, not easy, the BALANCE you most understand is between that which you earn and spend. To take a chance to trust there is more to balance than economics alone is what is most important for your spiritual growth this year.

Learn to LOVE your life, with all its challenges, these are the reasons why you are opening up to newer experiences and growth!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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