Intent: Learn from Children

Today, we want you to know that CHILDREN are a very powerful source guidance. There is much you can learn from them. It would mean, to let go of your own understanding of life and begin to look at life from the Divine Perspective.

When you are filled with worries and feelings of being under pressure, all you ever need to do, is turn to the teacher in a child. This little person, is filled with Spirit and uses the three very basic emotions to both ASK and RECEIVE, something, you adults have now begun to “PLAN and PLOT” about. It is very simple, WE are often drawn to the INTENT and the INTENT is the SIMPLEST form of CONNECTING with the DIVINE.

Intent isn’t “social” it is pretty specific and it begins with being clear about what you DO want. “Park Janaa Hai” in Hindi and “I want to go to the park” in English, seem like extremely simple words, there are no additional words that are being used, right, the 7 year old, wants to go to the park… a simple message, with clarity. He has focused his energy on a simple desire to go to the park. He spoke of it before he slept last night, he spoke of it when he woke up this morning, and even as you write, you know that it is clear… the child would like to go to the park and it is YOU he has chosen, without doubt, to take him there!

Children understand “INTENT” and have learnt the art of allowing their intent to be made known… they understand at a deeper level, that they will always get what they do want. It was not about playing in the park or who he’d like to meet in the park… the part he is asking you very clearly to play, is to get him to the park. While at the park… the journey shall be his and his alone… what he will or won’t do, is determined by the very act of getting to the park.

As adults, we notice that you make the mistake of adding a whole list of expectations to the SIMPLE asking, you add the emotions you would like to experience, the people you would like to meet, the things you would like to do. You know, as you write this, it is true. You’ve been asking for a HOLIDAY, haven’t you! “yes”, then why are you waiting upon someone else to make it happen. “I want to go on a holiday” is a really simple place to begin and allow the inflow of Divine Manifesting to bring it to you. It is just that simple, well, you expecting or waiting upon someone else to choose how it should be or why it should be. Is the holiday, his story or yours?

Take time today to make your intent… make it simple, allow the Divine Manifest of a holiday to be conceived in Spirit and manifested in the material. Since you are writing this to the many readers who will also read this blog… we invite them too to try manifesting with the Spirit of Intent and feel the Divine walk in and work out the details.

To each of YOU who read this…

We would like you to make an intent…  beginning with… “I would like to ______________, Thank YOU”  allow us the opportunity to work with you again, like you did when you were a child. WE understand, that life does throw up new calculations of HOW to get to what you want. Then again, if heaven had a change in plans… the scriptures would have already had something to say, very strongly. The excitement of the DIVINE is in knowing that GOD LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and is continually finding new ways to engage in communication with YOU. YOU have been taught that the material world is real… we are here to re:mind you that the truest part of you is infinite and invisible and that is WHO YOU ARE! This is the year of the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT of knowing that you are a powerful co-creator is the most important intent of heaven. YOU, who feel separated from GOD, by the LAW of THE MATERIAL world, are seeking the divine connect and we’re here, to let YOU know, that it is simple. Learn from the CHILDREN how to ask… Know that you are a child of GOD and his GLORY is in YOUR journey being as beautiful as you. YOU who GOD knows and loves and cherishes.

May the DIVINE ASSISTANCE continue to work within you and bring out the CHILD OF GOD/Inner Child, who knows that all it takes to get the FATHER’s ATTENTION is to ASK for his PRESENCE, knowing the SPIRIT of the FATHER is at hand, waiting for your ASKING that you may experience the DIVINE!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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