Re:Solutions… Simplified ;)

Today I kept a tiny promise to myself today and to me that is a good way to begin keeping my RESOLUTIONS for 2014! One tiny act a day, that is “Re:Solutions Simplified”.

Most often, we focus on making a long list of Resolutions that can sometimes be a huge burden as we continue to skip through the list to find the easier ones to hold on to. Re:Solution the word has been my guide to this new, simplified version of the “checklist 2014” that most often passes, without much achieved.

Response:Solution is how I am beginning to see it. Yesterday, the 1st I made a commitment to taking care of me, making sure, I felt wonderful about life. What I have come to understand is that there is a very powerful energy at work when you seek solutions instead of forcing yourself to HOLD UP to bigger tasks, like… I AM GOING TO QUIT SMOKING or DRINKING or CHEATING or GOSSIPING… I have come to notice, that the BIGGER THE TASK… the more likely you are to postpone the ACTION required.

So, simply, Responding to my IMMEDIATE impulses, seems like a far easier way to enjoy the moment and create a long list of absolutely exciting moments. What I did today, well, had my personal beautician come home and enjoy some pure pampering, it felt wonderful, to fall off to sleep after a much needed facial and body massage. What felt even more exciting, is knowing that I was also, talking and sharing life talk over a session of pure relaxation.

I even got my other staff, to get her eyebrows shaped, for the first time. My gift to her for the new year… a new look. The smile on her face… priceless… as she giggled, realizing, that for the first time, she was pampering herself and allowing herself to feel in the league of modern women. She giggled as she looked at herself in the mirror once done… and say to me “I wonder what my neighbours are going to say when they see me. Do you think they will notice?” Ha ha … the simple joys of life.

We often, miss out on spectacular moments of everyday, wondering if we’re meeting the pressures of resolutions and yet, if we were to look at life more aware. There are a million moments that can be lived and acknowledged everyday. We create them when we notice them and in-corporate the joy they bring into the bigger picture of our lives.

Respond to Life… as it happens and you will realise, that you have more to be excited about than pressured by… My resolution for the year… Re:Solution… to stop more often to notice the miracles of life… as they happen and create a spectacular year… on the move!

Make your Resolution to be YOU as much as you can… and yes, write about it… writing is a powerful tool, that indents these MOMENTS into a STRING of MEMORIES, that we can always read through and smile about when, life gets a little tough and we need to RE:Solve the PUZZLE of PRESSURE!

God Bless YOU and Re:Solutions you’ve made… 2014 has only just begun… LIVE IT!


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