2014 is the year of the HOLY SPIRIT of YOU!

We’ve just walked through a year of BEING HUMAN… 2013 was a year of re:cognising that we are human beings more often than being human really. The world felt the need to RE: discover the spirit of being human first. Much can be said about losses personal, professional, political and practical. There was much that needed to be let go of, what we often call KARMIC healing, yet, in the utter chaos of the year, what we witnessed growing exponentially is the spirit-ritual, when man, so tired of his trials began to turn to God. God, the creator of man, the omni-potent and omni-present source of all life, really.

As we asked, we continued to be revealed a certain MYSTIIC about God’s plans. The truth, lay in the many of us, who began to make more quiet time, so God could speak to us, clearly. Asking us, to listen to the deeper cravings of the soul. Life, began to show up, pretty fragile. All that was man-made, was challenged to meet source and survive. This is a clear indication that the material now has surrendered its ego to the Divine and the SOURCE of all that is eternal, now given the reign back, returning to the very core essence of being human, is to learn to invite yourself to a deeper cleansing and acceptance of  the working of the HOLY SPIRIT… the wisdom of SOURCE that we so often NEGATE.

This year, 2014, I am being reminded is a year in which the wisdom of Source will continue to un-veil and unleash the soul purpose for each one of us. This year, the material will fade away, I very clearly see the extremities of the material and the spiritual begin to balance and reveal the TRINITY, now complete. We have often been told that there is another coming, that the shift is at hand and that the world order will be re:new:ed. It is time to BALANCE our MATERIAL and SPIRITUAL self. It is being strongly told to me as I write this, that the MATERIAL will be in as much abundance as the Spiritual and HUMANITY will make a CHOICE.

Choose, wisely, dear one, there is much to choose from, all that is, is in abundance. The Giving of SOURCE is free to be pursued, yet, the creator, who has given unto you FREE-WILL and stands firmly by the commitment to grant to you EVERY DESIRE of your HUMAN MIND. Is trusting you to BALANCE between ALL THAT IS MATERIAL and ALL THAT IS SPIRITUAL, with a greater purpose to BALANCE your ENERGY and not SUCCUMB to EXCESSES! There will be a million or more opportunities given unto to ACCUMULATE, these shall be given unto you, with a DEEP trust, that YOU will choose to BALANCE, between your GIVING and RECEIVING. It has been the greatest TEMPTATION so far, in CALLING UPON the SPIRIT OF WISDOM of the CREATOR, you are inviting yourself to a greater in-filling, that is eternal. WE ask of you to CHOOSE the ETERNAL, the EXTERNAL is man-made and easily DESTRUCTIBLE! Remember, DEATH isn’t an END, it is the BEGINNING of ETERNAL. As you have EXPERIENCED the DIVINE, share it now with OTHERS too!

Life is about the CHOICES you MAKE of the ABUNDANCE GOD has in store for you… to be claimed with ETERNAL RESULTS… every-THING else, is SHORT TERM and SHORT LIVED… with a purpose. WE are on ALERT, as WE know and trust that YOU, will choose the ETERNAL BLESSINGS of SOUL! Don’t fear losses, they just TANGIBLE and do not DEFINE your SOUL PURPOSE and PLAN!”

2014 is asking you to know the DIVINE and DIVIDE your day such that as you TUNE into the world and absorb, you also make CONSCIOUS time to ASK HEAVEN to GUIDE and LEAD you to the ETERNAL BLESSINGS of the SPIRIT, the KNOWER and DOER of ALL THAT IS SOURCE inspired… ALL THAT IS CREATION!

Here’s wishing you an INSPIRED 2014!


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