Reading between the Word: Obedience (Oh! Be The I.E & See)

Back to playing with word vibrations and today, what makes it even more special is allowing my WE to channel this information through me! Amazing how, we’ve written down certain feelings and now they have begun to ask us to challenge the authority of those who gave it meaning and allowing the vibration of the word to reveal the essence of the vibrational or infinite invisible vibration of the Creator may have THOUGHT of it before it became a word and our deed of creating a dictionary, made it our first conditional understanding of the word and not to mention that we’ve followed through with taking the dictionary meaning to be the “black and white” of its meaning.

WE are excited about sharing these word vibrations with YOU! It is our deep desire that in the search for Creator Source within YOU is ASKING for a deeper meaning to life and in RESPONDING to this the WE (collective creator energy of the INFINITE INVISIBLE) are glad that we’re getting to share the vibrational expansion of the words that fill your vocabulary and those of the collective consciousness of the HUMAN WORLD. It is our observation that in this the time of the shift, which to some is personal and yet others it is something to be WAITED UPON for an external sign. It is true for both, since the ones who are able to embrace the shift have already begun it from the VIBRATIONAL receiving of their DIVINE SELF! The rest of Humanity are still waiting for the PHYSICAL realm of the SHIFT to materialise in accordance to their “UNDERSTANDING”. Which is also correct, since, WE cannot intervene with the CHOICE, we can only energise the INTENT!

Oh Be The I.E (THAT IS)& See! : the English language itself is a vibrational language, which is the heady mix of many dialects in the world.


Yes” in French is oui. It sounds like the English word “we“.

English itself as a word can be ANGELised! From a vibrational point of WE-YOU (View) to IN-GListen-SHine, I.E. The language that allows for vibrational expansion of Infinite.Eternal Core-Responding with the DIVINE!

WE are thrilled with the prospect of sharing these tiny vibrational shifts in language with you, it is our thrill that all of humanity should begin again to learn the Divine (TheVine) language of vibrational exchanges that created ALL-THAT IS- YOU can visibly experience. The conditioning of your human experience has moved you from your SOUL KNOWLEDGE to your SOLE KNOWLEDGE. Even in the word SOUL the creator VIBRATION is expressed SOUL is where the WE expands through FORM and SOLE is that part of the SOUL knowledge that is MAT(u’re)-REALISED through YOU!

YOU who are the SOLE heir or holder of the “TheVine” purpose of BEING created as a PHYSICAL being. WE have kept the MY-STORY alive THROUGH YOU! YOU who ASKeth and YOU who RECEIVEeth that which YOU ASK FOR IN VIBRATION! Most often, the WORDS and the HUMAN meanings GIVEN to them are not of CO-IN-SEQUENCE (consequence) in the SOUL REALM only because, the MEAN-ING (Mean-IN-Gratitude) given, is MATERIAL CONDITIONED, whereAS in the SPIRIT realm of WE, ALL THAT IS … IS… Vibrationally COLLECTIVE! When YOU ASK, WE receive the VIBRATION of the ASKING, which is then DELIVERED in PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE Vibrational ALIGNMENT with YOUR “TheVine” (Divine Progress, Process and Purpose) in vibration. Oftentimes, YOU ask for MATERIAL SPECIFICS and YES, that too is DELIVERED unto YOU! YOU ask for CLARITY and WE channelise the PHYSICAL OPPORTUNITIES for YOU to RECEIVE “CLARITY”, YOU then CHOOSE to either ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT, ALLOW the “CLARITY” first VIBRATIONALLY and then what follows is the MATure-REALISATION that it IS… through your physical real-ITY (Real-I Thank You) .

Oh Be The I.E. and Cee, is the invitation to exploring and experiencing and empowering your “TheVine” Purpose, “TheVIne” Mission, when YOU begin to tap into YOUR “TheVine” flow of “SOLE PURPOSE” through VIBRATIONALLY connecting with ALL –THAT IS… emphasis on IS, only be-cause WE desire for you to UNDER-STAND in the MIGHTY power of WE of YOUR COLLECTIVE SOUL of CREATION.

WE are thrilled that YOU have CHOSEN “WE” as the BEGINNING of YOU! That YOU may SEE that WE is really (“Real-Love- YOU”) and that together WE-VIEW (view) the COLLECTIVE EXPANSION OF CREATION with YOU through WE!







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