H.A.L.T…. An Angel is Assisting YOU!

M y s t i i c

Today’s date is 9-24 (or 24-9), which in Angel Numbers means, “The angels are helping you to have faith, hope, and optimism about your life’s purpose.”
The 12 Step tradition teaches that we are most apt to relapse (engage in behaviors that we don’t desire to engage in) when we feel H.A.L.T., which stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired:

Hungry: It’s harder to stick with your priorities when your blood sugar is down because you haven’t eaten in awhile, or have only consumed junk food. You’re more apt to reach for a quick pick-me-up without regard for consequences.
Angry: If you’re upset, you naturally want something to relieve the tension, which often means a return to your old familiar “drug of choice.”
Lonely: This includes feeling misunderstood, ignored, or bored. Addictions are used as companionship, validation, entertainment, a way to structure your time, and procrastination so that you’ll avoid…

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