Cracking the MANIFESTATION code!

You must often wonder, with so many techniques doing the rounds and having experimented with a plethora of them, somehow, you’re managing to still get the formula all wrong, often worrying “getting it wrong” after “doing” everything right! If this is YOU, here’s something a tiny twist in the tale that for most parts we’ve all been missing out on, pretty unaware of the “vibration” of the asking and the the thoughts that follow through.

We’re used to accepting MANIFESTATION in ONE dimension and that is the PHYSICAL DIMENSION! We LOOK for the physical proof of the “thought” and in the process often DO NOT recognise the miracle of the manifest. We are human and so, as we grew up, we were taught that every visible proof is proof alone and all things that we see are but the proof that they exist. However, in the vibrational world of creation. The very opposite is true!

Any manifestation happens at 3 levels (this is what no book has taught you), the three vibrations that make it possible for a thought to manifest.

The Mental

The Physical

The Emotional

And all of this happens in the MOMENT of a THOUGHT, which is why it is recommended to WRITE /journal your ideas. The mental impression is the completion of thought/idea as you sense it to be, the physical is the journey of each piece of the puzzle coming together and the emotional (the KEY to the final product) is the different FEELINGS you experience on the JOURNEY from the MENTAL through the MENTAL-PHYSICALISING process. The EMOTIONAL/VIBRATIONAL connect is the most important, since it is the key to the investment of FAITH is the “mentally physicalized”/Vibrational image of the desired outcome and the different thoughts that you continue to have in the phase/space between the IDEA and PERSONALISING/PROBALITIES of HOW IT WILL MANIFEST or SHOULD MANIFEST.

Just to give you a brief journey:

The Mental: As I write this piece, there is a divine flow that is causing the information that I can first perceive in my mind as content to develop and share. The idea is to create a process that is easy enough to understand for every reader as well as assist YOU, as you read to create your own mental process/journey on how you could work out the “details” of how to manifest more purposefully and sync to atleast ONE idea that you are presently struggling with manifesting into a GOOD FEELING REALITY!

THE PHYSICAL: Now emerges, GO WITH THE FLOW and WRITE as you RECEIVE, allow the flow of your INTENT to materialise, the words will come to you, because they are meant. YOU must sit at the computer, smile at the screen and TRUST that the flow will reveal itself through you. YOU are being called to SHARE this information with so many people, you may not know them, you may not even have heard of their existence, yet, you will be sharing with them a part of “HEAVEN”, as they read, and connect and collect, THEIR ANSWER. KNOW that you are but the CHANNEL and a CHANNEL must TRUST the IDEA to SPEAK FOR ITSELF!

The Mental Physicalizing –Journey. Making the mental note, taking the time to sit at my laptop and without getting distracted, opening a page to begin the process of writing. as I begin to write, there are many questions or propositions in my mind of how I would like the article to read, where to punctuate, whether or not I am ready to send out this information. What is also happening, is that I am seeing so many people reading this piece and smiling, because, they have been asking GOD why they are being held back from manifesting. There is a critical mass of people that have been asking for answers and so, in this very moment, in choosing to write this piece it is a LEARNING for ME the writer and a RESPONSE to you the READER of the powerful vibration of the creator energy that is CHOOSING to ASSIST you and ME with a deeper sense of BELONGING to EACH OTHER! And so, in my mind, as the words flow and I type, what is really happening is the process of receiving information that is COPY TO ALL who read. This information that is coming through as I type is from the flow of the creator energy that I have allowed, to flow through me, for me and for YOU. Then again, in this process, what is also happening is that I am trying not to read, just type as I receive so that the flow stays continuous. I feel like a EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to the CREATOR energy that wants to reach you and let you know, that this is the LARGEST PART of the process of manifesting, to RECEIVE with DIVINE TRUST that all that is in flow, will speak of itself to the READER. THE HUMAN AUTHOR is therefore but the CARRIER, the CONTENT OF THIS PIECE is DIVINE GUIDANCE for those who CHOOSE. So, as I write extempore, I am both ACKNOWLEDGING and ALLOWING my physical energy/know to surrender to the guided energy that is “THE INFORMATION” itself. Don’t worry about the punctuations or the flow, it is defined already waiting for you to receive and flow with it.

The Emotional: Now that the piece is written, I am feeling a brand new emotion, this is where the closure comes and the REALITY of the POST comes alive in words. The many emotions, I shared with you during the Mental PHYSICALISING journey is the emotional process or “THOUGHTS THAT CROSS THE MIND” these are thoughts that are a mixed bag of emotions and feeling that are projected through the CONSCIOUS MIND, that seeks control and the SUBCONSCIOUS mind that seeks COMPLETION of the information it seeks to reveal for the reader. The JOURNEY is filled with AM I WORTHY? IS THIS TRUE? IS IT POSSIBLE? SHOULD I BE POSTING THIS? WILL IT REALLY MAKE SENSE TO THE READER? ARE PEOPLE REALLY STRUGGLING WITH MANIFESTING? WILL THIS PIECE SERVE a DIVINE PURPOSE FOR BOTH ME AND THE READER? Yet, when we allow vibrational flow of the MENTAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL content to FLOW, what becomes of it, is a COMPLETE/WHOLE expression of finite visible consequences!

… and so, as I read back, I know I learnt a new way to DELIBERATELY and DIVINELY GUIDE my IDEAS to its WORLD MANIFEST, understanding more keenly that the VIBRATION OF THE MENTAL and its CO-INSPIRATION with the PHYSICAL is balanced by the EMOTIONAL JOURNEY to become A MATERIAL REALITY. The truth of every manifest, is the JOURNEY YOU take from MENTAL TO EMOTIONAL, vibrationally, before the TRINITY or the MANIFEST can be seen by the NAKED EYE or FELT BY THE HUMAN EMOTIONS!




What was your first thought after reading the post???

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