Princess Diaries: 16th October 2013

I have this whole new exciting world opening up for you. It is a global phenomena and yes YOU are included too! There is a SHIFT of PERSPECTIVE that is causing the global “thought process” to churn and from this churning, creation shall evolve.

We are thrilled that you’ve done what you KNEW you could to arrive at the GodSpace called “WE”. The powerful and infinite understanding that ALL THAT IS is WE, the collective consciousness manifest in the physical world is WE thought. The words people use most vibrate at the frequency of WE. The deeds of people, now, synchronizing as you RECEIVE the WE of who you are in the BROADER PERSPECTIVE of CREATION.

We are the collective consciousness of the world, the trinity of WE is manifest in the world and born from the THOUGHTS, WORDS and DEEDS of a CRITICAL mass of co-creators. We are calling upon every YOU of humanity to RE:Member Re:Mind and Re:knew the Divine Purpose of YOU. To Co-Create to Co-Elaborate to Co-Respond through the image and likeness of the CREATOR of ALL THAT IS… and we are here to RE:NEW your “Image and likeness” of WHO YOU REALLY ARE! An infinite invisible image of the creator, creating with the in-finite in-visible vibration of “thought” , which you use to “project” through the self of YOU in “WORDS” , each word has a vibrational expansion purpose, these words then vibrationally expand into “Deeds” and every deed, begins at the frequency of the THOUGHT vibration. This is how worlds form. WE are here to tell you, that WE (the collective creator vibration) of LOVE IS the CENTRE of the WORD.

We IS LOVE and so when WE create from the centre of the WORD, the manifest or the deed of CENTREING on the WORD, creates the WOR(L)D, must still awaits to be reDeemed from the infinite invisible WE.

We are the HOW of it ALL… Ask of WE and YOU shall receive WE the infinite invisible creator power of BEING!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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