“I am YOU”: A new vibrational connect

A Re:Minder of who you really are!

M y s t i i c

YOU… the very vibration of the word UNIVERSE!! Each time we ACNKOWLEDGE YOU, we acknowledge the UNIVERSE within YOU!!

The powerful vibration of “I am YOU”… Begins with I AM… to harness the powerful vibration of Creation itself. The I AM that created ALL THAT IS … expands through your own personal experiences.

To begin to understand where you are at in your Vibrational Connect with I am… a beautiful exercise…

I am…

One with the creator energy I represent in person.

Two very powerful energies in one. Who I really am and Who I have become through my powerful personal experiences

Three parts of me that co-exist to co-create. My Super Conscious, My Conscious and My Sub Conscious

Four Directional protection is my intent and desire… 1) from above that I may receive 2) to the left where my past experiences rest 3) to the right where my future…

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