Reading between words: Calculation

So I am having this moment in which I want attention, instead of seeking it from outside of myself, I am making a new choice… choosing this space to bring myself to acceptance of wanting attention.

Here is what my understanding is flowing within me is telling me… and I am sharing this with you… knowing that we all have these moments of “weakness” when we are just bursting to say what we have to… and demanding that our sense of validation be met. Holding someone “up” and demanding they “submit” to our need… yet… that which we refer to as a time of weakness, is really an opportunity to channel the energy in a PRO-LIFE way, allowing ourselves the pleasure of accepting the “weakness” as a “choice making time”. Pause long enough to ask ourselves… if the weakness is causing us to be “wise” or “unwise” in our “seeking”. For most parts, we know not what we seek, we aren’t in the awareness, that every seeking brings us choices and every choice creates our lives!

It is our desire that you look at this moment in all its splendor, this needing for attention is a call to silence, within yourself, to LISTEN to that which your guidance is offering you. In this moment that your external conditioning demands that you respond to external stimuli, is an OPPORTUNITY, to choose, to hang on to the need and receive from spirit instead of sprinting with your external call to action. A “call to action” is really a CHOICE POINT in which you make your choices. This often is stimulated by external forces, often times, it is money, people, comments, energies outside of you that trigger your “CALL TO ACTION” or you could also use another term or rather you often use another term CALCULATION. We know you hate math, yet, we’re going to teach you some spirit math, which will not only assist you in breaking down your resistance to math, it will open-port-unity or give you the opportunity to vibrate at the creator source of math, allowing you to understand the importance of the math of life.

Calculation: Call-Cue-Elation or Call-Clue-Action both creator vibrations to bring your attention to the spirit math of the moment in which you are called to ADD to your experience with co-creator guidance. Minus your physical conditioning. Multiply the possibilities. Divide your ACTIONS by CHOOSING the ones that help you ALIGN with your CREATOR PURPOSE! 

and we see that you UNDERSTOOD that right now, it is a wise decision to speak to the SON instead of the Mother, knowing, that he does have the ability to be objective and understand your point of view and yes, he also knows best HOW to explain it to his mother. You have chosen in this moment, not to go with the VIBRATION offered by your sister, which is causing you to align to her vibration of “put pressure”, you understand that the choice is to “allow your shoulder to shoot from” or “find a path that can enable solutions”. Here is where your CHOICE of creation plays out. We always advise that you go with the CHOICE that makes you feel more aligned to the outcome you intend.

When we speak to you of action, we speak of the “vibration” of “action” which means you are called to Detach your thoughts from the VISIBLE source to the invisible source of power and then, from the invisible source, receive and idea or a feeling or an intuit that aligns you to make a choice FIRST in vibration that aligns your vibration/energy and then move forth to an idea.

Yes, you can almost take this learning, to any area of your life and play out. Remember, this particular event is of your calling, you asked to practice your Vibrational Alignment to your GodSpace and now, in REsponse to you asking, you have received an opportunity to practice it so! In allowing yourself the experience, what you are actually doing, is being in the present moment of creator presence and working from a higher vibration than the visible direction. Knowing that you are receiving in accordance, allows you to flow with the learning, rather that work with a thought that you already perceive as a block or miss-alignment with your GodSpace or Creator reality! This is a breakthrough for you and through your sharing of this, will cause another creation to be inspired an empowered to take a new vibration of ACTION and flow with their KNOW!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS from ALL THAT IS!


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