Princess Diaries: Receive EVERYTHING NOW!

I had been STRUGGLING with receiving, till I began to acknowledge what I had already received. As I write this today, I am receiving a greater message, which I am allowing to come through this dialogue.

We often hear you asking and asking for more, more money, more power, more if’s, more but, more maybe, more deals with creation. We’re here to tell you that everything, you’ve ever asked for, you’ve received, it is in your GODspace, waiting for you to acknowledge it. The funny part about the way you “think” you receive is limited to your perspective of the receiving. When you ask for a mate, God responds (we’re using the word GOD because you have chosen the word, the word that describes All That Is, the entire space in which creation occurs, the space, which is invisible to the human eye and yet, it IS)

You live in a TIME restricted space of creation, where, you are conditioned to PLANNING with a TIMELINE, that says “NOW”, I want it NOW, or I want it in the future, or I regret it from my PAST and now that I am all tied up in knots, I NEED, WANT, DESIRE, DEMAND it NOW! These are illusions, you are conditioned to “see” first! You only believe what you SEE! Therefore what you do, is you “wait” till you can see the physical manifestation of your asking, not realising that it has already been worked on and delivered into your time space reality, simply waiting to be acknowledged. These “clues” of manifesting, come in the form of people, places, thoughts, words and one step of doing something that emanates, radiates the acknowledgement.

A beautiful example of your life, last month, you were worried about money, relationships and work! Three things that moved you to ASK. You acknowledged our offering of your asking, when you took the GOLD clue, “allow GOLD to work for you”  and moved in the direction and felt the power of it working for you. In taking the step, you acknowledged the receiving, now open your GODspace to dig out more clues in the same direction. You called for financial assistance and it was delivered unto you. You took one step forward, then, you stood still, wondering, what would happen next, you began storing the energy for a rainy day, you began holding on to the finances, not allowing it to flow for you. Now allow yourself the power of ALLOWING it by allowing it to flow to you and from you, remember, in your GODspace, there is a steady flow of ALL THAT IS and creation is about “allowing” the flow to create, holding back the flow, creates, gaps of receiving and these gaps, in the larger context of creation, is blocking the flow of creation. Every human being, who HOLDS ON to the flow, begins to limit their access to ALL THAT IS created.

Nature, is GODspace, that is a beautiful example of flow! Taking water as the example, wherever, man has restricted the flow of water, for the purpose of power, water has overflowed and caused damage to man’s plans. Man works from lack, thinks in lack and creates to fulfill that lack. In the GODspace there is abundance in every form and for every form only waiting to be acknowledged.

You received our message to you about relationships in one word “patience” and you allowed patience to be your guiding source of GODspace in recognising the person and the virtue and the intent space of the word PATIENCE. You ALLOWED one word to become your guiding light and everytime you thought of the word patience, it continued to give clarity to you on the direction it was pointing, For many years, you have been pretty angst with the word PATIENCE, often looking at it as an IMPEDIMENT, taking it personally and resisting its flow into your life. Today, through your choices, patience has become a gift you’ve chosen and in choosing so, you’ve allowed the many aspects of patience to be available to you. The plants, the person, the acknowledgement, the feeling, the person, the prince, the preacher, the friend, the abundance, the gift, the growth, the love, the soulmate, the brand, the gratitude… you are allowing the flow of patience in your life to mean a million new acknowledgements.

Well, WORK, you asked, that you find new ways to work, assisted by your know of your GODspace and in your asking you received in many ways and in taking the steps you did, you acknowledged the flow of work in your life, more importantly, you are now focused on the many ways in which you are receiving work, allowing yourself the balance of  patience, “allow GOLD to work for you” and “project ideas” to begin working for you. You are beginning to see the Co-Inspired ways in which your GODspace provides you clues, you’re willing to wait for the right feeling, you are getting into the details of everyday, consciously “CHOOSING” your experiences and this is the most beautiful path of “creating” receiving now, in a million ways, that which you have ASKED for!

What is amazing about this journey, that it is Co-Creating using your GodSpace. You begin to balance all that you do, knowing that there is abundance in your DNA waiting for you to acknowledge it. When you continue to find time between your human experiences to tap into your GodSpace you move in vibration from a being that simply SEE-S (see with sight) to BELIEVE to a SEE-R (see knowing you’ve RECEIVED) of CREATION.

As we have told you before in numerous communications with you through the many CREATIONS within the GodSpace. The messages that you have continued to RECEIVE through, writings of the co-creators that have walked the earth before you, through the relationship with Nature and all that is created in your TimeSpace reality, through friends and foes and experiences of your life, there is a flow of brilliance ready to serve you, if you can simply, express your GRATITUDE to that which you FEEL!

Here’s the last part of our communication with you and through you for today:

Selfishness of being in your GodSpace is the source of ALL THAT IS you need to be SELFless in your TimeSpace! 

We will close for now, ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE now all the thoughts, words and indeed your GodSpace experience to flow within you and through you into the TimeSpace reality you call life. “I-love-you-ya” from us to you!


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