Princess Diaries: 19th July 2013

“WE have often waited for a rainy day filled with surprises, today is the day, we’ve been waiting for and we claim it with childlike excitement!  Knowing that you CHOOSING IN and so you are CHOSEin“

It is our intent for you to truly be the light you were created to be and WE support your asking, give it like you asked for it. Everything that you have ever asked for, yes, even those tiny thoughts that you shared with us before you walked consciously on this earth. Be not afraid oh choseIn one, this is all meant for you, for your work. Where there is hatred, you have choseIn to bring love. Where there is scarcity, you bring abundance. Where there is sadness you are calling out for joy. Where there is GOD you are calling to be a Witness. All of these and more are waiting to be acknowledged right here in the midst of the billions of light workers, angels, heaven, abundance, your fathers inheritance from you. Waiting, eagerly for you, who have asked for it to come and claim it. These gifts were born from your intent and filled with the source know of who you are and what we know you to be.

We have wrapped them in experiences and filled them with abundance asking you to see them as we see them, your gifts of growth. You have been asking for Goodness and Peace and Love and Joy and financial abundance and spiritual abundance and material abundance and social abundances and economic abundance and relationship abundance and marital abundance and people abundance. Now receive yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, your wants, your know, your allowing, your accepting, yourself as the fulfillment of the asking. We ask you now to raise your heart to who you really are, the bearer of all these gifts in gratitude for yourself and through your example for the rest of creation. For every ONE who Chooses IN (infinite Neutral) are called the “chosen” in your language and yet to keep you in your new vibration of being the chosen ones, we’re realigning your choices chosen from the Infinite Neutral being of YOU into the word ChoseIN. A word that will continue to work towards Re:Minding, Re:Membering, Re:Vitalising your being with the know that ALL YOU ARE is ALL THAT IS in flow!

We are calling your attention to Be Calm Be Still and KNOW that you are a co-creator in the human form, living the source life each time you choose from the INFinite Neutral, you practice working IN the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD from whom you are created and now walk the earth and Re:Explore your kingdom from the powerful KNOW of who you are. We are here to tell you that when you work from this powerful know, you, IN-FACT create Infinite Invisible powerful images in the likeness of source of the world you experience around you. You are IN-Truth, but called to make CHOICES in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF the CREATOR, thus creating powerful expansion of the vibrational growth of source. The manifest, is then produced in your limited time space reality you KNOW to be the world.

We have more messages for you, while will come through you, in thought, in word, in deeds. The thought is delivered unto you when you connect with your source energy, right now as we dictate and you write, we’re delivering essential thought to you. Your acceptance of the thought is now being expressing through your choosing to receive our IN-TIME message which brings us to have now communicated the thought with you in word and from the publishing or sharing of these words the the process of deed is perfect whole and COMPLETE. For those of you who KNOW this, now KNOW that all that we have said to you, now lives through you. That the manifest that is now COMPLETE in three simple actions THOUGHT, WORD and DEED are complete, it is ready to become your HUMAN REALITY.

Know it… Allow it… Accept it… Manifest your greatest BEING Purpose… Go in love and light… knowing that wherever you go, you shall emit, radiate, resonate the promises you KNOW to be complete. Don’t struggle to see it just watch it unfold!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS from ALL THAT  IS!


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