Are these signs?

When the floods came and human devastation was a result of it, my heart told me, it is part of the shift! What God Made, is claiming its place, we often take granted or wish to control! The time that MANMADE to accommodate his desires and that which GodMade accepted his brutality, is now changing, the spirit of creation is claiming back what is theirs. ManKind is moving towards God, a return to the creator, the signs.

When water creates place for itself, floods result. The water is telling us that it needs to be Re:Leased to be life giving. That which is not meant to be part of it, shall be lost to it! The wind, is telling its own story, gone are the days when the blew to meet the needs of the trees, now, they blow, just as they always did, finding, what manmade, hindering their freedom, the wind, speaks to us, telling us, much that we’ve created is “fragile”, what God created, has swayed with it, till it is cut and torn apart. The wind mourns the loss of trees, falling lower to take away that which has taken its place. Hurricanes, Tornados all calling out in grief, seeking the trees they once swayed with. The earth, is hurt, we’re digging too deep, hurting the natural flow of being of the earth, to hold us up to the sky, to hold us up, looking at the infinite invisible, the creator space beyond sight, to see in-sight. Earthquakes, reclaim the earth, moving, to make itself felt. 

Is it a calling to mankind, now, to Listen, be silent and allow creation to be! Have we decided too soon, that control is ours. Nature fights back, the human devastation is an alarming sign, that the global weather is changing, change with it, time for a new lifestyle, time to appreciate GodCreated!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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