Princess Diaries: 17th June 2013

There is a new lesson at work… “Blessings in Disguise”… it is like there is part of me, that is connecting to a higher vibration of BeIng! We hear often, that everything that happens, well, is a “blessing in disguise” and so, my lesson over the last few months has been “learning to unlearn” the literal meaning, or the “hue-man” meaning and draw a more “infinite invisible” and “In-Finite In-Visible”

Cleansing is an “unlearning” process, that is guided by the force withIN YOU. In this process, you learn about beliefs or vibrations of collective thought, that are BE-COMING into things and and all these things are BE-Cause you have called upon them to BE-Come into your life. By the co_creator potential within YOU! It is time to draw your “awareness” to your “asking” and when you KNOW what you are asking, that is when you will BE-ABLE to Ac-knowledge or ACCUMULATE-KNOWLEDGE that it is already “present”, for most times, our “EXPECTATIONS” or our HOW it should arrive (human persception) blocks our ABILITY to “accumulate knowledge” of the receiving and so we “miss” out on “ACCEPTING”.

If God, is “infinite invisible”, therefore, our looking for “finite visible” answers is a MISNOMER, for when the infinite invisible provides, it is a feeling that is transmitted to the “finite visible” through the “in-finite in-visible”, when acknowledged and accepted, begins to take “finite visible” form, that which we call manifestation or a miracle. Yet, the atonement (Origin:
1505–15; from phrase at one in harmony +
-ment, as translation of Medieval Latin adūnāmentum; compareMiddle English onement unity)  A-TONE-MEANT is when the “infinite invisible” vibration of a thought is transferred from the “finite visible” through the “in-finite in-visible” and the “infinite invisible” vibration of completion is released.

So, really, when we ASK, we go through the “in-finite in-visible” our first responses are received through the same source, the “in-finite in-visible”, so, before we see the manifest in the form that is accepted “that the eyes can see, the nose can smell, the hands can touch and the tongue can taste and the ears can hear”… we are given “in-tuition” “in-tent” “in-formation” “in-sight” “in-turnALL know, that it IS ready, “perfect, whole, complete” in the “infinite invisible”, waiting for you to acknowledge the vibration in “in-finite in-visible”, that you may then “radiate and celebrate” it in its “physical form” or “finite visible” form, through you! The PHYSICAL OUTCOME is YOUR INDIVIDUAL perspective, that is “HOW YOU SEE IT” and not necessarily “HOW IT IS” or “WHO IT IS”, the final outcome is another way or as it is beautifully expressed in the following quote:

“Ours is not a better way, it is merely another way” : Relationship with God: an Uncommon Dialogue By Neale Donald Walsch page 153

“Blessings in Disguise” or “Blessings in “this-guise”, is the ability to take that “A-Tone-Meant” to assist you to first grasp the “In-Finite In-Visible” vibration of the “infinite invisible” perspective and to Re:Main, Re-Member, Re-Allign your “finite visible” “receiving”!

A blessing in disguise, is a gift of the IN-Tent, IN-tuition, In-formation, In-form-action that you have been given in response to your asking. Re-Cognize their “sign-If-can-see” or significance.

Un-Learn to In-learn and re-turn to Innocence (I-know-sense)… here’s wishing you Gratitude filled In-Sights of “Blessings in Disguise”


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