Princess Diaries: 31st May 2013

We all are reeling under external circumstances, things that are happening around us are effecting our BEing in communion with the Force that created us all. We have more circumstantial evidence that life is getting tougher. Ever wondered, WHY, I did! So, I asked and here is what I am receiving!

Princess, look around you, the powerful truth, being radiated through the many “tHoughT” to you and through you. There is nothing that is created that isn’t PERFECT in the act of creation. Oh Yes! EveryTHING!

Awareness, of this truth assists you in CREATING with an attitude of CREATION ITSELF, through when all that is PERCIEVED is RECEIVED by you. People ask everyday for a BETTER future, without the core awareness that the future is being created in that moment of ASKING! It is in taking the powerful responsibility of being Co-Creators that will release the need to look externally. It is a given that you get what you give and harvest what you sow. Then, the literal meaning is that YOU, in fact responsible for how your life turns out. You have the ABILITY to RESPOND  or what you refer to as RESPONSE-ABILITY! 

Your vocabulary is the key and your understanding of your vocabulary is your guide as well, look DEEP into the words you use and what they “feel” to you. Energy is what you are and words fuel your energy. Use them wisely! There is never a moment that you are not CREATING, you create when you breathe and with every breath you create life! Yet, you so take it for granted, you have no idea, that the  choice you make, to breathe is really what keeps you alive.

Your body is your GPS for KNOW. Your Response to the signs your body gives to you is your responsibility too! You cannot expect an external source to complete you. With each breath you really complete yourself and this is a KNOW, you often IGNORE! You would rather, trust an outside source to tell you what is right or left of you, you seek validation, when all the validation you’ll ever need is within you, waiting to be acknowledged.

You send out a feeling and these feelings begin to take shape in your outer world. You don’t even realise, the energy you’ve given to what is happening.

You are called to be a co-creator and so, it is your responsibility to respond to your co-creator within and let that shine with-out and fill the world as you see it, with healing and love. Speech is an extension of thought, speech is not the co-creator, is the created, therefore, if you must understand. Speech without Awareness, is IN_COMPLETE and IN-COMPLETE is an alert that you’ve not taken internal directions! You’ve not looked within yourself and acknowledged yourself and a thought. word or deed as COMPLETE!

There is much to learn, well, again, now, learning to grow into my KNOW of a co-creator! Life is starting to make sense, nothing feels abnormal, all in flow, perfect, whole and complete! These three words are the most powerful words that stayed with me from all the Louis Hay Books! Maybe her greatest gift to me and to the rest of creation is the reminder, that we are created PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE… and the only validation we’ll ever need is to ACCEPT OURSELVES as PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE!


3 thoughts on “Princess Diaries: 31st May 2013

  1. Thank you! Brilliant post. Maybe because I feel I’m going through a major transformation at the moment, and so much of what you have written here matches exactly with my current thoughts, and observations.

    • (((hugs))) Maybe this post was meant just to let you know, that you are divinely communicating too! It is now time for you to share these communications with others. Glad that this post resonated with you, it was meant for you to know 😀

    • If there are any question on the BUILDING the bridge, feel free to ask, I am sure, the response will resonate with what you’ve been asking, let’s assist each other in growing IN come-union with Divine 😀

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