Moody Mystiic: Guilt

I met my GUILT and when I did, I knew, that there would be a breakthrough! Guilt is a WEIGHT ISSUE, the more GUILT is present within you, the more it surrounds you and the more its by products become the powerful “incubator” where guilt breeds and grows freely.

The Three Levels of GUILT:

Infinite Invisible or Creator Level: Guilt is an alert really that you have moved out of your creator vibration. That you are choosing, to work in thought, word and deed from a POINT OF VIEW, that you are in the “spotlight”! Which at the creator level isn’t true, because, at the creator level you are a power creator in tune with source. Most of us find this “space” when we meditate, affirm, pray or surrender to “creator will”. Guilt, is a GROWTH WORD in the CREATOR realm, for GUILT meets you to let you know, that you are weighing yourself in your HUMAN EXPERIENCES without, truly even looking at yourself as a “co-creator”. When the CREATOR does not coerce you to conform, why then would any vibration he sets expect of you to conform. As a Creator Source product, you have power over all that is created in the rhythm, just that you must KNOW more importantly, that you are a CREATOR and CO-CREATION is a process of KNOWING so and expanding from, not decreasing from. Guilt, is only a MILESTONE marker, calling YOU to a HIGHER THOUGHT VIBRATION.

Finite Visible or Human Level: Guilt is a SINK WORD, the moment you start feeling or being made to feel guilty, you attract more reasons to stay in the state of guilt. Often, the four main areas of our lives that thrive on guilt… well, Professional, Personal, Financial and Religious. It is the powerful vibration of GUILT that holds us to NORMS set for us by a minority of creation with a promise, that if we “co-opt” with their understanding, that “GUILT is set FREE only when you AGREE with Me”. Guilt, has many human experience products sold to you and grown through you and for most part of our lives GUILT doesn’t even surface as a THOUGHT WORD OR FEELING, till someone asks us “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”. Every THOUGHT of guilt stays in the energy realm that represents you and adds to the WEIGHT that your BODY carries. In my case, well, I saw the guilt or rather I see the guilt in the EXCESS weight I carry with me. Each ounce of EXCESs comes from a THOUGHT/FEELING that I have not CONFORMED to the RITUAL OF BEING HUMAN! Guilt is a vibration easily picked up and people in general WILL use it to serve their own purpose. It is always really upto you to KNOW it. So you can figure out the vibration heading towards you.

In-Finite In-Visible or Spirit Level: Well GUILT is a MONITOR a REMINDER that you are NOT IN YOUR CREATOR vibration. GUILT is an INDICATION that you are in the STATE of MAKING A CHOICE. GUILT is an ALERT that you are ALLOWING AND ACCEPTING external thoughts and thought processes to BADGER your self and yes, ALLOWING external sources to DETERMINE YOUR RE:ACTION. In the SPIRIT LEVEL, guilt has but one MEANING, to keep you AWARE of the ENERGIES that you are working with in THOUGHT and their powerful MANIFEST in your REALITY!

GUILT is a wonderful gift, if you recognise the CREATOR VIBRATION it represents and can make your CHOICES at a SPIRIT level of THOUGHT! I choose SPIRIT INSPIRED CREATOR interpretation of GUILT. As I let go of GUILT, I let CREATOR energy flow freely through me.

How do you see GUILT now?


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