Reading between the word: Weapons

Writing has been one of my fondest escapes and the more I write, the more I discover how vast the spaces between WORD and MEANINGS can be. Discovering within me and around me an Illusion that calls to be recognised, held in front of the mirror and explored.

Mankind is at a point of “RETURN OF SPIRIT”, something not many of us are recognising, the completion of the trinity is at hand and we, the “people” are still looking for TANGIBLE proof!

It is becoming evident as you ride the wave of a more spirit filled knowing of “gratitude”, “law of attraction”, “positivism” that the calling is to move from MASS EMOTION to ME EMOTIONS! I am of the thought that this is the turning point in the way we see the world.

We are called to move away from external circumstances and precisely WHY the external circumstances have become so excruciating that we are often drawn to commit our energy and thoughts to things around us and so harsh are the realities, that even if we were to shut ourselves off from NEWS, well, the information finds other ways to get to to us and infiltrate within and create TURBULENCE. This internal turbulence is the main reason why we are stressed, uneased, always looking out for a scapegoat.

The PURPOSE, is for HUMANITY, US, to see that we need to have more AWARENESS of what is happening within US! Within us is where it all begins!

Weapons is a word I tripped upon and have been tripping on since I realised, that WEAPON in itself, in the physical realm, represents a visual real source of external destruction. These weapon annihilate, humanity. Making it easier for us to PICK EM UP and ELIMINATE external sources of TURBULENCE. While our forces use these same weapons to PROTECT us. The truth is that a WEAPON represents DEGRADATION, LESSER OF.. and eventually MAYBE NONE!

Now, how the word, is constructed in the ENERGY REALM, will give you a deeper more “significant” look at the vibration of the word and broaden your perspective and mine on the powerful weapons at large, unrecognised by the visual eyes, yet, annihilating energy and depleting HUMAN RE: SOURCE (

Human resources, vibrationally, is the “HUMAN REsponse to SOURCE” energy/vision, which ideally means HUMANS responding from a place in thought of who they really are, God Particles in the human form, therefore, from SOURCE.

Just as in an office, every employee is expected to respond from the VISION/GOALS or TARGETS of the COMPANY, so, are HUMANS called to do the same. In the case of humans, well, we all are created by the ONE FORCE, we call SOURCE/CREATOR/GOD, in my new understanding, the “infinite invisible” and we are called, everyday, to tap into the “infinite invisible” and live out the instructions. Which is also why, there is an upsurge of literature and coaching sessions, yoga, meditation, introspection, counseling  and HELP being made available to us, everyday! Inspirational/Motivational speakers are growing everywhere, with the purpose, of moving your thoughts from a place of HUMAN to a CONNECT with the DIVINE. Even the SPIRITUAL TEXTS from the ancient point out to the GENERATIONS before us, the impact points of HUMAN EVOLUTION come from CONNECTING with the UNIVERSAL SOURCE, we’ve come to know in more lay terms as GOD!

Bringing our attention back to the VIBRATION of the WORD “WEAPON”, when you say the word loud a couple of times, there is a resonance, that is if you’re tuned to the VIBRATION of the WORD, not just the WORD. Two words emerge, “WEIGH” and “UPON”, thus revealing to you that in the vibrational realm, even a WEAPON has an external purpose, which, well, we cannot IGNORE, we see the many new ways people are KILLING each other in the flesh. They’ve even begun and continue to use themselves as weapons, to kill! Rape is a huge and very powerful example of the same. 

Where weapon sounds like “weigh upon”, the plural of the same word sounds like “weigh upon us”. Now bring yourself back to your own life, what are the thoughts and feelings that make you EMOTE? Who are the people around you that make you cringe? What is the situation in your life that is causing you to feel let down or drained? What words do you use, that create a void within you? What are your fears? What are you afraid will happen, to you, your family or your immediate surroundings that makes you angry?

Now look around your social set up, what are the events that are causing you to grieve, hurt, anger and feel an emotion that is not from LOVE or of LOVE? What are the events that draw you away from feeling Gratitude for YOU and all YOU really ARE? Who makes you wish, you weren’t alive? What thoughts that are being repeated make you feel scared about yourself and those whom you love?

KNOW, I say KNOW, because KNOW is an affirmative of being DOUBT free! Know that each of these things that “weigh upon us” draw us out  of our natural state of BEINGness, are WEAPONS in disguise. Just because, we haven’t YET, recognised them as WEAPONS it does not mean they are not at work.

Think back… before WHAT WE KNOW NOW, to have evolved, MAN HAD few EXTERNAL WEAPONS and FEW INTERNAL traumas. As the NEED FOR SURVIVAL became RELEVANT… especially since we’re taught early, that we survive in a planet that BREATHES “survival of the fittest”, the more external weapons we created, the reflection of our external fear also became our internal fear. Our internal fears, created more internal “weigh upon us” and thus, now, if you look around, sickness in THOUGHT, WORD and DEED!

Thought words that “weigh up on us” : Hate, discrimination, lust, power, poverty, submission, war, catastrophe, END.

Words that  WEIGH UPON US: Divorce, abandonment, lonliness, distrust, dislike, scarcity, deprivation, disease… DEATH

Deeds that “weigh upon us” : Rape, Scams, Fraud, Murder, war, fight, anger, scarcity.

KNOW your WEAPONS … Live in Love!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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