Moody Mystiic: The Trinity Assist

If there ever was a moment in time to write what I feel, this is it. The hero behind every success or failure is a CHOICE. I have come to realise that the most powerful experiences are born from choices made at the level of INTUIT.

Intuit, a word we hear often, yet, do not understand the vibration of or understand the magnificence of. The potency of intuit, is born from the core vibration of “who you are” and “experiences”. Don’t be misled by the voices in your head as intuit and follow them blindly. Intuit is a BY PRODUCT of the dominant vibration/thought you make choices from.

Now take a simple situation, you have experienced a SETBACK in your relationship: The dominant vibration of your thought is the CAUSES & EFFECTS of the SETBACK. The PERSPECTIVE would be either that of a VICTIM or VICTOR. Since, SETBACK is your main focus, you will invite thoughts, feelings and actions that are born from the vibration of SETBACK! This means you’ve given the SETBACK importance, wanting, waiting, yearning to come clean of the SETBACK. Often, when you’re thinking of a SETBACK, you’re inviting more thoughts that match SETBACK, more words that affirm SETBACK and more ACTIONS that therefore CONFIRM SETBACK!

Don’t be surprised, if you’re spewing venom. Imagining yourself wronged and working towards affirming it. What you’re forgetting in the same process, is that you’re the mirror, the view is yours, the vision is yours, the thoughts are yours, the actions are yours and YES! the OUTCOME is yours.

Now, you may ask “Dee, how do I get out of this?”… if that is the question you’ve asked, well, the healing has already begun, because, you’ve just made a CHOICE… a choice, that says, “I really do want to feel better”.

Now, let’s work on REVERSING another perspective here and see where we go!

Now if we looked at the word SETBACK, there are THREE PERSPECTIVE views, maybe more, but taking THREE is to assist you in understanding the powerful vibration of the TRINITY it represents. The trinity is 3 parts in one all creation is part of the trinity and the trinity is part of all creation and hence, by the law of creation, well, everything created MUST THEREFORE have three parts:

1) YOU, Super Conscious, Creator Vibration, God, Eternal, Infinite Invisible: Mysterious, something you can tune into when the dominant vibration is KNOW

2) He/She/It/They/Them/Those, Conscious, Human Vibration, Man, External, Finite Visible: What you see, feel, smell, hear, taste… is all in this vibration. This is the vibration from which you BELIEVE, the belief is born of experiences and experiments.

3) WE, Sub-Conscious, Soul Vibration, Soul, Internal, In-Finite In-Visible: This is the vibration in which your CHOICES are revealed to you. This is where you CHOOSE from your KNOW or your BELIEVE and this is the space in which you RAISE your VIBRATION. This is really where the secret of all VIBRATIONS are revealed. You life your KNOW PURPOSE or BELIEVE PURPOSE. This is the vibration in which MEDITATION happens. Depth is revealed.

So, now let’s take a look at SETBACK from the TRINITY!

1) Super Conscious: SETBACK has purpose, it is asking you to take one step back and review the LESSON being revealed. In this vibration you will always see the WORD from your CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS! Just like you and I, words, were created with a PURPOSE… so beautifully told to us in the bible, “and the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst(within) us”. If every word has a creator vibration, we will not be able to tap into it, unless, the vibration from which we seek to understand the word, isn’t in the same vibration as the creator sees it. Therefore, PRAYER, MEDITATION, FOCUS, AFFIRMATIONS, CONCENTRATION and SURRENDER are powerful tools to ASSIST us in reaching the CREATOR vibration of the word. SETBACK, is a beautiful way to assist you in reaching the CREATOR PURPOSE of the SETBACK! When you raise the vibration, you begin to see, how you have attracted the setback and more importantly WHY you have attracted the set back. In this vibration, it is all about YOU! This is a personal vibration, in this vibration, you will begin to understand how YOU are responsible, what choices you have and what it is that you can learn and remember.

2) Conscious: SETBACK, well, there are causes and effects. In this vibration, SETBACK, is a result of the external, the effects of what you SENSE from your immediate and extended environment. When this vibration is active and dominant, we see the causes and effects of the vibration of setback. Feeling hurt, betrayed, abandoned, angry, disappointed, wronged. In the conscious realm, the effects of SETBACK are comprehended by external inflictions. In the conscious realm, we are all connected to each other by how we experience and what we BELIEVE to be true. This is an effect of the “thoughts” of the collective human consciousness and the understanding thereof.

3) Sub-Conscious: The sub-conscious bridges the KNOW|LEDGE gap between the Super Conscious vibration and the Conscious vibration. It is in this realm of the vibration that the balance is revealed. The bridge between what you KNOW and BELIEVE. It is at the SUB-CONSCIOUS level, that the experiences are revealed from the super conscious perspective to the conscious perspective and vice versa, from the conscious perspective to the super conscious perspective. In this realm is when we experience déjà vu, miracles, oneness, balance, why, how, who, what, when and where of a SETBACK. It is in the sub-conscious, that the PURPOSE is served to the asking and purpose is revealed in a SETBACK. It is in this realm that the SUPER CONSCIOUS communicates with the CONSCIOUS and the ONEness is found. The greatest experience of this realm of vibration is in finding the ANSWERS to many CONSCIOUS WHY’s as it is KNOWN to the SUPER CONSCIOUS and meant to be understood. Balance in seeing a SETBACK as a GIFT comes to you at this vibration. For it is the soul vibration, that keeps all the records of thoughts and yes, the things they become.

Most of us are trained by our LIFE EXPERIENCES to ACT upon a thought or word or circumstance in our CONSCIOUS awareness and hence, we’re effected by the dominant vibration of the visible world, the havoc and the hurt. It is natural, therefore, to be drawn into a possible drama of the collective conscious of the visible world and then think, act and BE from it.

So, don’t be surprised, that a larger part of our visible world is shaky and hurtful, they’re absorbing conscious awareness and living from it. The power to change is when you tap into the SUPER CONSCIOUS, a vibration in which you truly and most profoundly see everyone and everything from the creator power and accept that “that which they do, has a PURPOSE. The purpose to AWAKEN to the SUB CONSCIOUS knowledge of the  PERFECT, WHOLE and COMPLETE vibration of creation. Since this is a challenge, especially if you’re GROUNDED in the VISIBLE REALITY and the EFFECTS of the VISIBLE REALITY. The next and most important step you will ever take, is to begin to find ways to tap into your SUB CONSCIOUS and find the balance you need to raise your personal vibration to the realm in which all is PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE or the SUPER CONSCIOUS vibration of YOU!

Now, take another quick glance at your SETBACK and measure for yourself, the vibration from which you are making CHOICES. KNOW that you have the choice to move from  what you BELIEVE to be TRUE, to what you KNOW to be true. Raise your vibration to the level of healing and wholeness and you’ll know then…

That your SETback, is really a SETup to assist you reach a higher level of conscious awareness. Each one of us is individually responsible for raising our personal vibration and in doing so, we, partake in raising the collective consciousness of the conscious visible world.

Take a moment, now, to THINK and THANK for a brand new vibration of MANIFESTING WITH GRATITUDE, AWARE of the VIBRATION from which you’re transmitting THOUGHTS.


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