Reading between the word: Failure

I never found my way out till I looked up!:Mystiic

Oh! How I love this new meaning of Failure. It’s a TRAP! It is the TEMPTATION to be Frail in Spirit. The words so prominent in the vibration of the word itself, yet missed by the seeking eye. The word failure has the epic co-inspired meaning in all of life. Failure, calls you to behave in a manner that befits the vibration of the word. The between the word meaning of the word, though is a perspective opening of the  “door” of a brand new possibility.

Just reflecting on the word is creating a powerful thrill within me. How often in our lives, when things don’t go our way, we term it as failure. Instead of using the hidden vibration to look UP, we look down. Looking down, deprives us of the joy of finding the “blessing within”. It is a powerful reminder that we are looking for our answers in all the wrong places, in all the wrong people and in all the wrong moments of our lives. There is a hidden “thought”  in failure, recognise it as an “alert”, see the trappings, acknowledge them and LOOK UP!

When you are “frail” the “lure” is to make you feel like you’re not good enough. The deal is to make you “sink” in your own self pity. The deal for your external world, which, I must remind you is magnetised to you by your own “self pity” , is to keep letting you sink. People will either help you “remember you’re a failure”… not because they MUST, its just that you’ve been sending out the “feelers” of being a failure, they’re only just “re:minding” you! People, will tell you HOW to get OUT of feeling like a failure, then again, you’re mind is getting into the trap, so, you’ll only absorb, that part of their conversation in which the VIBRATION OF FAILURE as a word or meaning is strongest. You’ll see yourself as a “victim” and that is exactly what the “lure” is all about. Once you’ve invited the “victim” to vibrate in your consciousness, you’ve succumbed to the trap! You have GIVEN yourself to the “sinking sand” you’ve given meaning to failure, as is known to ALL!

Here’s how I am learning to deal with failure!

1) change the word vibration, read between the word and open up a new perspective. If failure vibrationally means the lure to be frail” , it is but an illusion and alert. Nothing more nothing less.

2) make a list of all the people and things that are luring you to be frail” . I made a pretty long list… and was surprised, at how WORDS were part of their communication that were dragging me down. The most hard hitting and hurting one, that kept flashing “you need to prove yourself!”  It almost sounded like “well, you have fallen so deep, you need to resurrect yourself in the public eye.”  Sometimes, people in their WANT to HELP… really push you deeper into the trap. The surprise will be that there will be a few thoughts and people, who you’ve been thinking were “ON YOUR SIDE” actually, being the ones to push you the other way! Don’t let that disturb you. “Your higher consciousness wants you to know “that all that glitters isn’t GOLD”

3) Once you’re done, you’ll feel more in control of your emotions, like, I had written in my previous blog the write vent”.  Take time now to write about all the new thoughts and ideas that are begin to flash in your mind. They will make you smile. More so, now, that you have RELEASED and RECOGNISED the thoughts that were “luring you to be frail” the thoughts and feelings that will prep you up! Some surprises will come your way… as they did mine. The beautiful feeling that YOU are connected to the ABUNDANT YOU! Filled with CREATOR EXCELLENCE and purpose!

4) Follow your bliss! The solutions are now pouring in from a source that created you. Now a brand new journey has begun… It is time to celebration “co-inspired choices”.

The R & L that someone flicked to keep the vibration of failure a mystery…must be “right” you are falling for the lure and “left” begin with what you have left Winking smile

“It is a beautiful feeling to have the courage to walk away that hold on and wait for another day”: Mystiic

What was your first thought after reading the post???

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