The Write Vent

One of the most awesome ways to vent, anger, frustration and anxiety is to remind yourself of the age old cliché “everything happens for the best” even though the present moment may be filled with incidents and events quite the opposite. The second step… write and empty yourself of the emotions that are craving attention.

One of the most powerful life changing aspects is to detach yourself with the details and focus on the outcomes. If the outcome is promising, then you’ve got to know that you’ll get there. You won’t know HOW till it has happened. If, on the other hand you can acknowledge the emotions and the notions and the motions you experienced on the way. You’ll know the WHY first and settle in to letting the “infinite invisible” take care of the HOW of things! I have always had a firm and confirmed KNOW that GRATITUDE CONQUERS ALL!! Now is the time to ALLOW Gratitude to do its job, while I bask in the beauty of ACCEPTING that this trans|ACTION (actions of transforming)

It is in practicing all we have ever learnt or taught in our “rock bottom” moment, or so we think it is, there is phenomenal growth in practicing what we preach and preaching only that which we practice. I’ve been “God’s Brat” for way too long to back off and fall out with him. Its crazy but true, that everytime I’ve hit an emotional low, I’ve grown to a brand new high. Gratitude has been my path and will continue to fill my destiny with surprises!

So, you feel betrayed, I do, a lot of times. Then again, betrayal, when seen through the eyes of Faith. Is really a time of rebuilding. Betrayal isn’t external, its internal. We often react from external betrayal syndrome. When the truth of betrayal, is that you chose not to follow an instinct, which has repeatedly did N.U.D.G.E (Now.Understand.Dedicated.Gratitude.Empowers) at you. You saw the signs, got anxious, reacted from the anxiousness without looking within.

Betrayal has been “top of mind” recall for me. today, in the bliss of gratitude, I realised, that the SITUATIONS and PEOPLE were only indicating a LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF, HOW ARE YOU BETRAYING YOUR OWN PERSONAL POTENTIAL! Something, I hadn’t even considered, for so long! I also have a weakness, “I don’t want to hold on but most often I don’t know how to LET GO!” Ha ha … a vital piece of information delivered with so much exhaustion!

Anger comes when you realise, that you’ve been played out! People have called your bluff or you’ve called theirs! Anger is the INNER want to be in control and often comes with a lot of drama. Which is a great platform for the “unspoken” to “speak up” without the fear of repercussion. Anger, is a good thing, really, unless, well, you’ve already been carrying way too much baggage in thought. I recognised, yesterday, that ”my anger, begins with a PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCE and grows with HISTORY” You don’t realise, when you’ve lost the NOW of the anger. It’s almost like, anger, doesn’t feel comfortable when not given enough attention.

Anger, is an emotion that clears the deck, its cleansing in many ways. It reveals your deepest thoughts and greatest challenges. Gratitude, helps in cleansing it from the root! The first thought that makes you angry, is far deeper than the surface, sometimes, so deep, that you are called to be angry more often, till you reach the root of it. Anger has many friends and many deal breakers. The mind is the RESEARCH FIELD for ANGER! The thoughts you’ve acted on or reacted to or created with or created form. All are part of the “mental maths” of anger. The moment the subject is revealed, anger gets together all the possible information and trust me, once you let it pour, you’re in for a surprise!

Most often, for both emotions to flare up is in recognition of their existence. This is true, especially, when like me you’re an explosive blunt and very expressive exponent of emotions, the ride is a reminder, that all is not cleared. The drama, is necessary and vital to the cleansing. Betrayal and Anger as a combination is lethal really!

It is really the betrayal of the self that the anger is more about! Like the mind saying “Silly Girl, it about you. Not them”


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